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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tomorrow I will be monitoring the PSSA tests. I always have a sock in the purse for those moments when I am watching but not actually teaching. These socks need to be simple enough that I can keep an eye on the kinder but complicated enough to keep me sane (this is not as complicated as those who know me might think,then again should I use the words same and me in the same sentence?). I finished the Cable Rib Socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks yesterday and started to look for an interesting yarn for a plain sock. Easy to knit, fun to look at. Two skeins of Blue Moon in interesting colors, two different colors. No pair of socks there. Maizy from Amy. I want to knit the Flame Wave socks (same book) from that yarn and it takes too much attention. The rest of my sock yarn collection is either wonderful colors in hand wash yarn (so not future socks) or plain color superwash (begs for lots of complicated stitches). What's a knitter to do? Order more yarn of course (and get the emergency socks out of the car until the yarn arrives).
Oh! The emergency socks are kept in the drawer under the front seat for those times when I accidentally leave home without knitting. Just a basic sock in inexpensive yarn.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Big Swim

Over the last few weeks I have spent more time in the pool than knitting. Today is my birthday and I conceived the idea of swimming the same number of laps as I am old. This wouldn't be all that hard as I swim pretty slowly and don't get that tired, however, the pool where I swim is only open for two hours during the day and I need to swim almost a mile and a half to reach my current age (Olympic pool. Look up the number if you want.) and doing that in two hours is the real challenge. The lifeguards were so cute. When I came in they had designated a lane just for me and every once in a while they would ask what lap I was on. I succeeded and even finished my shower before the time was up. While doing the laps, I did consider that if this turns into an annual event I will need a lot more time when I'm 72!
Tonight The Husband took me to a really nice Italian Restaurant and I wore the Purple Pesach Pullover. I thought the front looked a little plainer that I remembered and when I got home I realized that I had worn it backwards. Brain cells are apparently dying.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Movie Queue

At dinner last night Elder Son asked what movie is next from Netflix. I mentioned that the movies he is ordering are messing with our recommendations. He said, "I'll raise you a Steven Seagal."
I replied, "I'll see your Steven Seagal and raise you two romantic comedies and an English TV series."
His comeback, "Dexter!"
I had to fold. I want to see that, too.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008


So I'm teaching Art today and the Kindergarten is making repeated rabbit patterns. In my sample I made four rabbits, a checked one, one with flowers, one with stripes and one with little hearts. One of the children came up and said, "Mrs. Gordon, your bunnies need names."
I told her she could name them if she liked and she said, "Ok. They are Huggy, Buggy, Lovey, and Earl."
On another story, yesterday I had three out of the five second grade classes. As we are trying for diversity I told them the Purim story. At the end of the day (while I was on bus duty with the entire second grade in one hallway) one of the other teachers asked me what holiday is next and I said, "Watch this. Second grade! Mordecai!" and they threw their hands in the air and cheered. "Second Grade! Hamen!" and they booed and hissed.
Power is mine! Hee, hee.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tales from the Trenches

The Husband and Elder Son (he insisted on credit) thinks you will enjoy this story. I was in the second grade wing today and in the early afternoon I escorted the class to the rest room. The girl who was the monitor came pelting out of the girl's room, "Mrs. Gordon! Mrs. Gordon! Someone made black marks on the bathroom door!" I went in to check and the janitors had obviously greased the hinges and some of the grease got on the back of the door. I reassured the monitor and we went on our way (the boys were gasping for air due to the smell in their side so I called them all out and got some air freshener from the teacher's bathroom, see, I was in both restrooms). Later that afternoon one of the other teachers stopped me and asked if any of the girls or boys had told me there were "dirty words" on the walls. I could assure her that there were no words there when I had gone into both rooms. She said this was the second week there had been writing on the walls. I asked, " Were they, at least, spelled properly?"
"Funny thing," she replied, "they weren't last week, but they are now." Who says American education is headed for the crapper?
On another note, we are celebrating Dr. Seuss this week and today was Pajama Day. Either I have the best tailored PJs you've ever seen, or I need to start dressing better. At least three people asked why I didn't wear PJs. (But one kid liked my socks).

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Sunday, March 02, 2008


I seem to recall promising you a bunch of pictures. As I am currently in the windy south with The Husband I need something to fill a bunch of time (yes, I brought my knitting, Why do you ask?). Here we have a picture of Cleo "protecting" the knitting from the evil sun. Can you say, "Hi, Sehkmet," Cleo? I thought so.

These are the scarves I made for Younger Son's Sweetie's family. The Husband bought YSS's father some miniature soldiers and I felt that the ladies of the family needed a little something, too. Besides, when has a knitter ever passed up the opportunity to dress everyone he/she knows in wool? The sparkly one at top left is from The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville. It is the shaped scarf and is made from Lion Moonlight Mohair. It's a wonderful yarn, soft and cuddly. Unless you happen to be allergic to mohair, that is. Guess how I found that out. Go ahead, guess. Sigh. At least I have a friend who is willing to wear the allergens for me. The bottom left scarf is a lace ring from one of the one-skein books, but I forgot which one and I am away from the knitting book collection. It is knit from a Knitpicks blend. Soooo soft. I wish I had enough for a new scarf for me. The last little number in this group is YSS's scarf. It was from a kit, although I didn't like the pattern in the kit. Too easy. So I got out the collection and knit the "Monet" yarn into a lace pattern first written down by Elizabeth I's Lady-in-Waiting. Just a warning, be sure you write down which line you end on. It is almost impossible to read the lace and be sure where you stopped. I found at least six errors when I was blocking. (BTW, YSS said it is absolutely beautiful and she is afraid to wear it. Sigh.)

To your right (hey, you stop leaning out of the car, we'll get there) you can see the socks knit for Youngest Niece and the New Baby. Frankly, I have forgotten which pattern (exactly) I used for the adult socks but the yarn is Sockotta. I bought plenty of this yarn thinking it would take at least two skeins to make a pair of socks for me. I got out socks for me and socks for the Niece. Of course, she wears a size six shoe and I wear,well, larger. Much larger. The red socks are from some yarn Amy sent me and are the basic sock pattern Stephanie uses (and wrote down for all of us, thanks be).

While we are on the subject of socks, these are the Retro Rib socks from Interweave Press's Favorite Socks. Um, not so much. They are very pretty, fit well and of course I like the color, but! The pattern is a four-row repeat. It is easy enough to memorize but if I let my attention stray to, oh The Husband talking to me for instance, I would forget to knit in the back of a stitch or purl when it should be a knit. Nice pattern, but definitely not mindless. I finished the Brooklyn Bridge scarf, but The Husband left it at home because we are in Virginia and it's too warm here for scarves, he says. Yesterday it was 25 degrees.

Well, there you go. Pictures. I hope it doesn't look too messy when I post. See you later.

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