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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good News/Bad News

Good news: I'm subbing for the Health Tech teacher who had a little girl last week. I'll be in for the rest of the school year. Yay, yarn money.
Bad news: Not a lot of time to knit.

Good news: I love the kiddos and they all want to be in the class.
Bad news: I have to write lesson plans in a subject where my knowledge is more general. Anatomy? Hello, I took a beginner's course eight years ago. I got an "A" but still....eight years.

Good new: The teacher left me two file cabinets full of her notes and plans. There should be enough in there to keep me going. I have an aide who has at least been there and knows a lot of what is going on.
Bad news: The aide is only allowed to work 40 more hours this year (she is paid from a grant that allows so many hours per year).

Good news: I finished knitting Dreams in Lace.
Bad news: I slipped it on before blocking and I can tell there is no way this will block out to fit. The arms are stretched to the limit and the length is barely to my waist. Frogs away!! I enjoyed knitting it and will try again. Larger needles for sure and maybe fingering weight instead of lace. What do you think? I'll check on Ravelry.

Now, how about a little help. I need something that is rather interesting to knit but not complicated. We all have plenty of socks and I've just finished two shawls. The Aran sweater I need to knit is too complicated for right now. Any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe a baby blanket for the new baby (teacher's remember?) but of course, I would have to get some more yarn. Huh, this might be a plan.....

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