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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thursday

Hi, Folks! Just a few catch-up notions and then I have to go clean the birdbath (a poor little bird is out there taking a bath in green water, thick green water).
The Shoes: While the shoes were definitely of the F***-me variety, The Husband said, "You can't buy those, they aren't comfortable." He worries more about my being able to walk than how things look. Seriously, I have to point out the pretty girls on campus when we deliver The Baby (hereafter referred to as Younger Son at his request) to school.
Here is a peek at Oatlands: (well, shucks! The picture of Oatlands was on the laptop and the laptop is in Virginia, never mind).
The Rant: While on our day of adventure(in 102 degree heat) we dropped in on several museums. Now, most of the displays were very well done and only two things of the hundreds we saw gave me pause. Thing the first: "A quilt described as the churn dash pattern with extensive trapunto quilting." Um, no. I'll give you the churn dash pattern, but the quilting was all cross-hatch from what I could see (from 10 feet away. Velvet rope, doorway, guards. Sigh) It looked like a standard quilt for use and I believe that most trapunto quilts would have a lot more plain areas (to show off the trapunto) and definitely not feed-sack like patterns in the fabric.
Thing the second: another display at another museum. Flapper's dress from the 20s. The receptionist was all excited to tell me that the design had been hand-painted on the dress. I've done some hand painting on fabrics and I've worked with lots (and lots) of printed fabrics. This dress sure looked like printed fabric to me.
I guess things like this just bug me because I'm just that way (there is a hyphen, darn it!) most folks wouldn't even blink and I didn't feel strongly enough about the mis-labeling and mis-information to correct it, but thanks for letting me rant.
Question: Rats! I forgot. So, how you doin'?
Knitting: I have been working on socks from Sockotta yarn. They are the welt fantastic pattern from Simply Sensational Socks. The colors are wonderful, but the yarn is a little scratchy. Maybe it will wash up softer. I am a little concerned about fit. I seem to recall someone mentioning that diagonal patterns stretch less, but we'll see. So far they fit over the heel and around the ankle.
School: I went in Tuesday for my ID picture and the secretaries were all glad to see me. I don't expect to be called before next Wednesday but hope it will be soon. The exchequer could use an infusion.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Retail Therapy

I was reading a mystery last week and the main character had gone through some tough times. To help her feel better a friend took her to a day spa and then for some retail therapy. Today after my swim I gave myself a facial and a hot-oil treatment for my hair. When The Husband came home from work (after his nap) we went out to look for a book. I am down to only two more and we will be here for three more days. Obviously I need something else to read (shhh! I know there are school books waiting for me). After the bookstore (The Chocolate Jewel Case by Joanna Carl) we were wandering around the shopping area and there was a Nordstrom's Rack. The Husband said he had never been in one so we decided to take a look. As we went in there was a sign that said there was a shoe sale, especially large sizes! I went to the shoes while The Husband went.....somewhere.
In the shoe section I found 3 pairs of shoes that fit and felt really good! Name brands and less than $150 for all. There were also two ladies there who were a hoot and a half. The shoes I bought were blue pumps and black pumps (very tailored and good for professional looks) and a pair of red shoes that will look great with jeans and hand-knit socks. While I was trying on shoes the other ladies were chatting with me and there was this one pair of shoes.......four inch heels and sparkly slide front and satin ribbon ties at the ankle. The other ladies were encouraging me to get them. "Oh, girl! You need those shoes! Just take little tiny steps and swing it!" It's a good thing they were a size too small. Other wise I would need a new wardrobe (lots of glitter) and a new career (um, The Husband probably wouldn't approve), but it was a lot of fun and The Husband and I have a new story to tell. There you have it. Spa time and some new shoes!

Friday, August 10, 2007


OK, so I took most of these pictures before I left for the South and I finally got them loaded.
This is the bag I choose for the knitting. Enough to last for 12 days. On the right, see the knitting I packed. Two pairs of socks, one sweater, and two lace shawls, Lace Style, Victorian Lace Today and Options needles. I also had the embossed leaf socks in my purse.

Just before I left the house I found a box full of this stuff from Amy on the porch:
A nifty alligator pouch (which I didn't realize was upside down in the picture. Look! Feet!), some pretty blue yarn (hand-dyed), a little pink bag just the size for a sock project, some Maizy yarn (it's made from corn and I can't wait to try it out), last, but sooo not least, some stitch markers made by her very own hands!

Before we left I had ordered some KnitPicks yarn just in case all the above wasn't enough. The order came the day after we left. Oh,well. Now I'll have something to look forward to when I get home. Just in case you think this whole tote bag thing is just for the knitting here is the packing for our trip:

Whenever we get ready to go any where I feel that there should be banjos in the background playing the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies. Yes we schlep along a lot of canvas bags, but they're upscale canvas bags. Land's End, the Metropolitan Museum, Elliot Bay Books. When we travel, it's one suitcase and four hundred canvas bags. At least we can reuse them when we go shopping.
As for what I've been doing down here: the last few days were the first days The Husband had off so we planned to go into Washington, DC to sightsee. Then there was that whole thing with the bomb threat, and the heat (while looking for a link about the bomb threat, I found the anthrax story. So glad we decided against the big city in the heat). The heat! When it gets above 98 degrees I firmly believe the only sensable thing to do is sit in the air conditioning and knit or read. Wednesday the thermometer in the car read 102 degrees and what did we do? We went to Oatlands! Apparently I have passed the number of pictures Blogger feels comfortable with today. Check back for more updates, a short, mild rant, and a question.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just For Amy

Amy wants to know what we've been up to, and just before I left I got this wonderful box of stuff (corn yarn! Do you know how much I wanted to try the corn yarn? Stitch markers made by her own little hands! Whee!)so as a thank you until I can get the camera attached and add pictures here's what I'm up to:

Hi from the land 'o plastic. I'm back visiting with The Husband in the south. Most days down here we have an air quality warning, which means that even though The Husband says he should get some exercise, "it's too hard for you to breathe, darling wife, so I'll just take a nap here while you stay in the air conditioning" going out of my tiny mind! My only activity is swimming every day (3/4 of a mile. Yay me!)
Yes, well, I did make a foray into the AAA guide for the area and found two (count 'em, Two!) plantations to visit. Love to visit the stately homes of times past and figure out how they made it through the day. If you're good, I might take some pictures.
On the knitting front: I have finished the embossed socks and started the Lichen Ribbed socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. I've actually spent more time on a cross-stitch project for a friend's birthday. I think I know why I don't do a lot of embroidery lately. I need new glasses. The only way I can check on my stitches (even? Crossed the same way?) is to take my glasses off and hold the work about an inch from my face. Then the search for the glasses begins.
On the back burner? Lesson plans for September. I brought the books, really I did. I just have to open them up and make some notes. I need some chocolate. See you.