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Friday, August 10, 2007


OK, so I took most of these pictures before I left for the South and I finally got them loaded.
This is the bag I choose for the knitting. Enough to last for 12 days. On the right, see the knitting I packed. Two pairs of socks, one sweater, and two lace shawls, Lace Style, Victorian Lace Today and Options needles. I also had the embossed leaf socks in my purse.

Just before I left the house I found a box full of this stuff from Amy on the porch:
A nifty alligator pouch (which I didn't realize was upside down in the picture. Look! Feet!), some pretty blue yarn (hand-dyed), a little pink bag just the size for a sock project, some Maizy yarn (it's made from corn and I can't wait to try it out), last, but sooo not least, some stitch markers made by her very own hands!

Before we left I had ordered some KnitPicks yarn just in case all the above wasn't enough. The order came the day after we left. Oh,well. Now I'll have something to look forward to when I get home. Just in case you think this whole tote bag thing is just for the knitting here is the packing for our trip:

Whenever we get ready to go any where I feel that there should be banjos in the background playing the theme to the Beverly Hillbillies. Yes we schlep along a lot of canvas bags, but they're upscale canvas bags. Land's End, the Metropolitan Museum, Elliot Bay Books. When we travel, it's one suitcase and four hundred canvas bags. At least we can reuse them when we go shopping.
As for what I've been doing down here: the last few days were the first days The Husband had off so we planned to go into Washington, DC to sightsee. Then there was that whole thing with the bomb threat, and the heat (while looking for a link about the bomb threat, I found the anthrax story. So glad we decided against the big city in the heat). The heat! When it gets above 98 degrees I firmly believe the only sensable thing to do is sit in the air conditioning and knit or read. Wednesday the thermometer in the car read 102 degrees and what did we do? We went to Oatlands! Apparently I have passed the number of pictures Blogger feels comfortable with today. Check back for more updates, a short, mild rant, and a question.


Blogger Amy Lane said...

Wow--very nice! We tend to go backpacks--I think it's the middle schooler/computer geek thing!!! (And the blue yarn looks really good on camera--I remember why I picked it out!)

6:11 AM  

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