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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apparently, I'm Five

Today in Sunday School the Rabbi was telling the children why we should celebrate Thanksgiving and she was talking about how grumpy she felt this morning when she looked out her window and saw grey skies and snow. I turned to the teacher next to me and said, "Wow! I was really excited to see the snow. I thought it was pretty!" The reply, "That's because you're five." Who knew?
But seriously, shouldn't we enjoy the earth in all its variety? Even a dark gloomy, rainy day has its up side. Sitting in a warm room and reading a good, long book next to the fire while I listen to good music on the radio? What a delight. And yes, I do think of the people who aren't warm, can't read, and don't even have a room. Luckily my religion teaches that you don't have to cure everything, just do what you can, but don't forget to look for the blessings, even in the hard times.
And why should we celebrate Thanksgiving? Because even though the weather is dark and gloomy and the snow stinks, we need the falling leaves and cold weather to prepare the world for spring and summer. At least that 's what the Rabbi said. Personally, I think we need to be looking for the wonder of a new day, whatever the weather.
Enjoy what ever weather you've got today, where ever you are.
PS I gave the Rabbi a pair of Fetchings today. If it were a warm sunnny day she wouldn't have enjoyed them nearly so much.
PPS I joined in on Julie's Spaz Along, but I can't post anything about the current knitting because it is going to someone who checks the blog, Hi!

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

How To Clean A House

First, spend two weeks making this:

Pretend this is a picture of a prayer shawl with
a hand-embroidered prayer at the collar and
49 appliqued silver stars
(real picture to follow, once I trace down
the Bar Mitzvah boy and he isn't fresh from
a sporting event....)
Then think about at least cleaning the bathroom. Spend two more weeks making this:

A wedding canopy for some members of my Temple (yes, I got paid). It's totally original!! Look closely and you will see the word "LOVE" in the heart. Start at the upper left and go clockwise. If you go counter-clockwise (sort of) you will see the word "AHAVAH" (I have no clue how to get blogger-post-thingee to write in Hebrew) in silver. When the bride and groom came to my house we went through the fabric stash for colors and then on-line to look at other chuppot. There was one way more abstract than this, but both loved the idea of having "LOVE" on the chuppah. Tah-dah! The stenciling around the silver swirls says "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." It's the same thing, only in Hebrew at the bottom.
Ah Ha! Now you can get at that whole cleaning thing.
Wait! Work every day at school and spend the evenings catching up on paper work and reading.
Now? Sure. Start with a discussion with Elder Son's girlfriend about the mold in the bathtub. "See that pink stuff? That's mold." Luckily, the mold seems to have kept the blue hair dye Elder Son and she were using (his hair and I don't ask any more) from staining the tub. Whee! Take Sunday evening to clean the upstairs and plan to finish one room a day downstairs.
Whoops! It's almost Hallowe'en and you don't have any decorations up. Bring up box and decorate. Too late to clean this week. Wait until the weekend.
Start cleaning the living room and realize that it has now been a week since you have cleaned the bathroom and we don't want any more mold now, do we?
Figure that as long as you are waiting until the upstairs is clean to start on the downstairs, you had better finish the library book that will be due next Sunday (Stephanie Plum. The Husband laughed out loud and don't we all need a little laugh?). Finish book. Decide that you deserve a little reward and bind 12 stitches off the moibus that you are knitting (I am trying a new thing. Moibus knitting, and I-cord bind off. What fun!)
See The Husband pulling up outside and jump to work. Clean the upstairs. But, wait! I know I have Youngest Niece's Hanukkah gift here somewhere. I should probably find it before I forget. While looking discover that I have all the materials to make ABC stitch markers so I can try Cat Bordhi's sock pattern, after all the moibus thing is working sooo well.
Clean the upstairs.
Time to stop for lunch.
Start cleaning the steps, entry hall, and living room. The Husband suggests a recreational break. Shazam!
Remember that the Lia Sophia lady wants a jewelery bag (that I designed for the necklace with all the different dangles) and if I finish tonight I can get it to her tomorrow.
Time for dinner.
After dinner, start putting away the Hallowe'en decorations and decide that you should blog since it's been a while.
Next update: How to finish a project in just twelve years..

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