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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Last night at 9:30 I finished my event! Please note the pose. This is the same pose as the model in the directions. Why do you think she has hidden at least one sholuder seam? Because dropped shoulders really don't flatter anyone.

Some things I learned from the Olympics.

1. Just because a sweater doesn't look that good on you doesn't mean it won't be a fun challenge to make.
2. Yup, instarsia is really not as much fun as Aran knitting (or lace, or socks, or, well, pretty much any other kind of knitting).
3. When people ask what you are doing for the next olympics, be vague.
4. Two gallon of chili really will make 4 days of meals, but you have to package it creatively - tacos, burritos, taco salads and so forth.
5. If the bathroom gets disgusting enough men are actually willing to clean it.
6. One pair of jeans will last for 16 days so long as you spend them in the knitting chair.
7. The very best part of this challenge is the 4000 other crazy people who jumped off the cliff right behind Stephanie. Whether or not we finished we had a lot of fun knowing we weren't alone. All hail to the Yarn Harlot and thanks for the good time.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Olympic Update

As of this afternoon, I have finished all the knitting on the map of the world sweater. Tomorrow while the dear husband is off to work, I will block the darn thing and seam it together. I would try to post a picture, but every time I get involved with pictures here at blogspot I get thrown off the net. Now that I am not struggling with weaving in all those ends(!! )I will have some time to try different things to fix this blog. If I have to start all over, I will send out notice to all the family. Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Torch is Lit

Along with 4000 or so other knitters, I cast on a challenging project at 2 this afternoon. Sadly the yarn I need to make some color changes hasn't arrived. I knit 2 inches on one sleeve and will be working on socks for the husband's Valentine present. I'll be back when the yarn arrives.

Congratulations! It's a blog! Thanks to the Yarn Harlot I am moving into the 21st century. I have joined the Knitting Olympics and needed a place to display my button. I was all set to start, really I was . I had the yarn in plenty of time:

I organized it all in a lovely, large ziplock bag. I colored in the charts. (Oh! I'm knitting the map of the world sweater designed by Kay Niederlitz for Vogue Knitting in 1991. Intarsia scares me.) I bought bobbins (Bobbins!!!) I read the directions. I re-read the directions and then....
I knitted the swatch. (Hmmmmm..Somehow I keep getting kicked off-line when I try to add this picture, well believe me the colors just don't work for me.)

After knitting my swatch I realized that the colors I choose are not the same as the colors shown in the picture of the original design. So, early this morning, (OK around noon) I was on-line to Knitpicks ordering more colors. If that doesn't work, I'll or other. Stay tuned.