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Friday, February 10, 2006

Congratulations! It's a blog! Thanks to the Yarn Harlot I am moving into the 21st century. I have joined the Knitting Olympics and needed a place to display my button. I was all set to start, really I was . I had the yarn in plenty of time:

I organized it all in a lovely, large ziplock bag. I colored in the charts. (Oh! I'm knitting the map of the world sweater designed by Kay Niederlitz for Vogue Knitting in 1991. Intarsia scares me.) I bought bobbins (Bobbins!!!) I read the directions. I re-read the directions and then....
I knitted the swatch. (Hmmmmm..Somehow I keep getting kicked off-line when I try to add this picture, well believe me the colors just don't work for me.)

After knitting my swatch I realized that the colors I choose are not the same as the colors shown in the picture of the original design. So, early this morning, (OK around noon) I was on-line to Knitpicks ordering more colors. If that doesn't work, I'll or other. Stay tuned.


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