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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I went to school this morning planning to work a full day, the secretary in charge of the subs had a different idea, however and once I cleared the metal dectectors (don't ask) I only had to wrangle first graders for 3 hours. What, you may ask, did I do with this windfall of time? Did I rush home and sit by the fire with my knitting (little socks for The Nephew)? No. Rats! The chimney sweep doesn't come until next week because somebody forgot to call him in August.
Did I put my feet up on the yarn hassock and knit away? No. Rats! I spilled cauliflower salad on the cover and it really should be washed....
Did I go up to the sewing room and settle in with a long over-due quilt? No. Rats! I never did call the handyman to repair the storm window that was broken in that thunder storm last spring...
Did I bake something delicious? No. Rats! I'm out of bread and it will take forever to get that done......
Did I put away the Thanksgiving decorations and get ready for Hanukkah? Rats! Only six days left. Argghhh? Only six days left and I haven't even started shopping............
Did I go for a walk? Well, yes, actually. That 30 pounds I was supposed to lose last January like it here. During the last visit to the Medicine Man it was strongly suggested that unless I want to add some more meds to my daily round (please, not that!!) I had better clean up my act and get moving......
So what feat of Susie Homakerish fun did I accomplish? While my neighbors are all putting up their Christmas decorations I repotted my indoor plants, took all the very dead outdoor potted flowers to the over full compost bin and washed the pots. It was 28 degrees this morning. Sigh.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cats of Many Colors

We got a new cat. Well, new to us. She comes slightly used. She was adopted as a companion for an elderly lady who was ill. After nine years she (the cat) was in need of a new home and no one in her people's family could take her. The Husband wanted an older cat (because he doesn't think he will last 20 more years. Sigh.) and Cleo fit right in with his plans. Her full name is (apparently) Cleo-cat-era. She is fitting in pretty well. After a week with us she has learned the futility of begging at table, and she loves running up and down stairs (her old home was a three-room apartment), and she will run towards us when we shake the treat bag. She is a lovely sable color, which, I told The Husband is great, he gets a cat, and if it doesn't work out, I get a lovely pair of ear muffs.
On the knitting front, I finished Pricilla's Favorite socks from the Interweave knit sock book. Eh. They are nice socks, fit well , and the seam over the toes doesn't bother me, but I'm just not all that thrilled with them. I like the padded heel flap better than a short row heel. Now I've learned that. On the other hand I just ordered Cat Bordhri's new sock book. According to The Harlot, Cat is willing to put the extra effort into making all our knitting more.......interesting. Sounds like fun.

I finally got a chance to wear the Purple Pesach Pullover. If you remember I knit it last spring when we had that final cold snap, intending to wear it to Seder at a friend's house. Suddenly, the day before Pesach the temperatures rose into the 70s and wool was out. Last Friday we went to dinner with the Rabbi and some of the other members of our congregation. Either I need to find a lighter color of blusher or it was really warm in the front hall when Elder Son took the picture (and he was the one who cut off the top of my head). I wan't so sure it looked good, looking at the picture (I loved it in the mirror) but got many compliments on how it looked so I guess it won't have to go to the frog pond. I am working on the scarf for Younger Son's girlfriend (who needs a "blog" name. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that I like this girl) but as she checks the blog, you will have to wait for pictures until sometime in January. To the commentor who said she would like to try the pattern, after 40 inches, I still don't have the pattern memorized, but it's not hard to follow and, of course, I am watching TV while knitting.
Have a happy Turkey Day. I'd better get myself to the kitchen and start making pastry. I am in charge of the pumpkin pie this year and Younger Son has requested Apple Dumplings for dessert. (I haven't stopped cooking, I just make the same things, at the same time of year, every year).

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Has Anyone Seen My Snorkel?

After many visits to the frog pond I am getting back on track with the holiday knitting. Of course, I need to get some more yarn. . .
I was knitting along on the Monet scarf and not liking what I was seeing. It was garter stitch in the middle and a little bit 'o lace on the edges. I finished a pair of socks and was putting the pattern back in the book when I saw a pattern called Elizabeth I. Ohhhhh!! Lacy and interesting to knit. I had finished about 20 inches and since ripping back I've re-knit 10 inches. Someday there will be a picture.
The Strikke along was going great guns and I had finished the back and the left front and put it together just to check the fit. Rats! Too small. So I ripped it all out and started a larger size. With all the holiday knitting ahead I had to put it aside for now.
Ohhhh!!! Yesterday The Husband and I were at The Big Book Store and he had a coupon for 25% off. As he couldn't find anything he wanted to read (did I tell you that 3 new cookbooks came in the mail yesterday?) he let me use it on a knitting book. Son of Stitch 'n Bitch. This is a great book for any knitter with men to knit for. Just skimming through it I saw at least 4 patterns that I need to knit now! Gotta go get some special yarn. See ya!

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Rhinebeck, At Last!

Wow! I can't believe that it's been two weeks since Rhinebeck! I finally have a day off today, so first on the list (well, right after breakfast...) is updating.
I was planning on taking The Husband and he could go visit the Airplane museum, but alas, alack, a lad I lacked. Luckily More Yarn For Me from Harrisburg was looking for someone to go to Rhinebeck with. We met at The Brother's house and were on our way!

MYFM discovered a whole new way for knitters to travel. She called it short-rowing. It seems that every place we tried to find that weekend took at least a 20-minute detour. We got closer to finding our way and then overshot and had to go back. See? Short rows. Note to travellers: Don't just take the Google or Map Quest maps with you. Make sure you have a real road map of the state to which you travel. Once you get off the little square map the computer gives you, you are on your own. Easier with the big girls maps.
We got to the hotel, checked in and went in search of evening sustenance. Who do you think was the very first blog celebrity we met? This guy:Emerson Cygnet. Can you say, "Happy Baby!" It seemed that every where we went there was Emerson and his paparazzi. I am so glad I got to see him (and his Mom and Dad, too). A heart breaker, a cutie, and a sweet baby. Your pick as to who is who.

MYFM and I wandered around the fairgrounds (well, once we found them, there was that detour to the bowling alley.....) and did some major damage to the exchequer. Well, not really, but I did buy some Quivet (at $25 a ball, it should be capitalized!), and some STR in bright! colors. Mostly we looked and oohed and ahhhed at the wonderful stuff to be had. I even saw a fellow with a pet sheep. A lap sheep. Don't believe me? See the proof.

He sat there with this guy for at least a half an hour. Talk about devotion. As for the rest of the weekend? It was a blur of great yarn, fun busker acts, yarn, Border Collie demos, yarn, spinning, knitting, yarn, people watching, and yarn. There was a lot of yarn. Many people walked up to total strangers and said variations of the following, "Ohh! That's from Knitter's magazine, right?" I spotted at least one Rogue, several Icaruses (Icaruii?) and almost had the earrings bought off of my earlobes. I was wearing my "Los Lobe Hose". Tiny little socks knit on tiny little needles (complete with short row heels) and sewn to earring hooks. At the last minute, the lady decided that her friend didn't have pierced ears. Rats! I could have bought one more skein of yarn.
Not that I didn't get some good stuff. Besides the Quivet, and the STR I got a scarf kit for Younger Son's girlfriend (Hi! Don't check the link, you want to be surprised!), some Lorna's Laces in clown color way (I may have to make another pair of socks for Elder Son. When asked, I say that his shoe size is "Clown"), and a good drop spindle. I had one long ago, but it was really heavy and this one is pretty (ohhh, Shiny!).. Maybe it will hold my attention long enough to learn to spin.
All in all, I had a great time (special thanks to More Yarn For Me. It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun alone), saw lots of great stuff, spent a little money (really, less that a week's pay), and I think I'll wait three or four years before going back. It's a long trip and needs to be savored. (pssstt! Anyone going to the Maryland Sheep and Wool?)