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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cats of Many Colors

We got a new cat. Well, new to us. She comes slightly used. She was adopted as a companion for an elderly lady who was ill. After nine years she (the cat) was in need of a new home and no one in her people's family could take her. The Husband wanted an older cat (because he doesn't think he will last 20 more years. Sigh.) and Cleo fit right in with his plans. Her full name is (apparently) Cleo-cat-era. She is fitting in pretty well. After a week with us she has learned the futility of begging at table, and she loves running up and down stairs (her old home was a three-room apartment), and she will run towards us when we shake the treat bag. She is a lovely sable color, which, I told The Husband is great, he gets a cat, and if it doesn't work out, I get a lovely pair of ear muffs.
On the knitting front, I finished Pricilla's Favorite socks from the Interweave knit sock book. Eh. They are nice socks, fit well , and the seam over the toes doesn't bother me, but I'm just not all that thrilled with them. I like the padded heel flap better than a short row heel. Now I've learned that. On the other hand I just ordered Cat Bordhri's new sock book. According to The Harlot, Cat is willing to put the extra effort into making all our knitting more.......interesting. Sounds like fun.

I finally got a chance to wear the Purple Pesach Pullover. If you remember I knit it last spring when we had that final cold snap, intending to wear it to Seder at a friend's house. Suddenly, the day before Pesach the temperatures rose into the 70s and wool was out. Last Friday we went to dinner with the Rabbi and some of the other members of our congregation. Either I need to find a lighter color of blusher or it was really warm in the front hall when Elder Son took the picture (and he was the one who cut off the top of my head). I wan't so sure it looked good, looking at the picture (I loved it in the mirror) but got many compliments on how it looked so I guess it won't have to go to the frog pond. I am working on the scarf for Younger Son's girlfriend (who needs a "blog" name. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that I like this girl) but as she checks the blog, you will have to wait for pictures until sometime in January. To the commentor who said she would like to try the pattern, after 40 inches, I still don't have the pattern memorized, but it's not hard to follow and, of course, I am watching TV while knitting.
Have a happy Turkey Day. I'd better get myself to the kitchen and start making pastry. I am in charge of the pumpkin pie this year and Younger Son has requested Apple Dumplings for dessert. (I haven't stopped cooking, I just make the same things, at the same time of year, every year).

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Blogger CygKnit said...

Two things:

1. Love the "used cat." My parents always say they got their dog from the "used dog lot," (aka PetSmart adoption drive), and I'm tickled to hear someone else use that!

2. The sweater is quite flattering on you. Very hourglass-y.

3:55 PM  
Blogger MadMad said...

I LOVE "used" cats - a 20-year-commitment to a litter box always seems so long for me, but 10 is OK, right? Or this is what I keep telling myself as I pick up more pets... And Cleo-cat-etra is the BEST.NAME.EVER for her. Love it! Also? Love the sweater - it looks great on you!

8:13 AM  
Blogger ReesieAnn said...

Awww... Cleo-Cat-Era is adorable! Does she have a tail or did elder son cut that off too (while taking the picture of course!). Our Turkey Day was fun... but yet again... way too short! I hardly got to see to you much less TALK to you! NYC was LOTS of fun yesterday - the 75th Anniversary Christmas Show was AWESOME and we had GREAT seats! I think next year I'll take my husband, if he's a good boy that is. The purple sweater is very nice - a good color on you, and I agree with cygknit - very hourglass-y. How about "Frenchie" for youngest son's girlfriend? Or if you are into initials - YSGF??

6:45 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Used cats are my favorites. New ones tend to eat my yarn.

The sweater is FABU!!! love it completely--it really does look awesome!

And how about YSS! (Young Son's Sweetie:-)

10:16 PM  
Anonymous CraftyCoug said...

We have Cleo-cat-ra, too! And she is black, and slightly used. Well... probably more used than yours, our Cleo is almost 17.

Happy knitting! -Diana

12:05 PM  

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