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Thursday, September 20, 2007


The Husband just got off the phone with the insurance company. Seems that they over paid the hospital where he had his surgery last summer. So to make things right they are denying our dental coverage until the amount the hospital owes them until they balance. Let's get this straight: They paid the hospital too much. The hospital should return the extra monies to the insurance company. To make this happen they won't repay us the monies we spend on health care until we spend the amount the hospital owes the insurance company. Huh??

On another note: Amy is sending out her new book for checking. Yippee!! To get into grammer police mode I've noticed the following:
1. Two grammatical errors in the local paper. "A lot of students don't really know what we are based on." On the front page, yet!(and, yes, I know that's a fragment not a sentence. Emphasis, people!)
2. A grammatical error in a canned lesson at school ("You did that good!" Arghhhh!!!! Why can't Johnny read?)
3. The Husband told me this morning that "There's two bottles (of maple syrup) on the floor."

I have once again lost my voice and drugs are on the way. Hope they help. Oops! I'd better get back to my bread baking.....It's Alive!!!!

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Blogger Amy Lane said...

Wow... now see, that's why I can't be the grammar police...I'd totally lose it where I work...I'd be the Grammar Nazi and the children would hate and fear me, and then I'd have to sell my soul and go into administration.

11:40 AM  

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