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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Thursday

Hi, Folks! Just a few catch-up notions and then I have to go clean the birdbath (a poor little bird is out there taking a bath in green water, thick green water).
The Shoes: While the shoes were definitely of the F***-me variety, The Husband said, "You can't buy those, they aren't comfortable." He worries more about my being able to walk than how things look. Seriously, I have to point out the pretty girls on campus when we deliver The Baby (hereafter referred to as Younger Son at his request) to school.
Here is a peek at Oatlands: (well, shucks! The picture of Oatlands was on the laptop and the laptop is in Virginia, never mind).
The Rant: While on our day of adventure(in 102 degree heat) we dropped in on several museums. Now, most of the displays were very well done and only two things of the hundreds we saw gave me pause. Thing the first: "A quilt described as the churn dash pattern with extensive trapunto quilting." Um, no. I'll give you the churn dash pattern, but the quilting was all cross-hatch from what I could see (from 10 feet away. Velvet rope, doorway, guards. Sigh) It looked like a standard quilt for use and I believe that most trapunto quilts would have a lot more plain areas (to show off the trapunto) and definitely not feed-sack like patterns in the fabric.
Thing the second: another display at another museum. Flapper's dress from the 20s. The receptionist was all excited to tell me that the design had been hand-painted on the dress. I've done some hand painting on fabrics and I've worked with lots (and lots) of printed fabrics. This dress sure looked like printed fabric to me.
I guess things like this just bug me because I'm just that way (there is a hyphen, darn it!) most folks wouldn't even blink and I didn't feel strongly enough about the mis-labeling and mis-information to correct it, but thanks for letting me rant.
Question: Rats! I forgot. So, how you doin'?
Knitting: I have been working on socks from Sockotta yarn. They are the welt fantastic pattern from Simply Sensational Socks. The colors are wonderful, but the yarn is a little scratchy. Maybe it will wash up softer. I am a little concerned about fit. I seem to recall someone mentioning that diagonal patterns stretch less, but we'll see. So far they fit over the heel and around the ankle.
School: I went in Tuesday for my ID picture and the secretaries were all glad to see me. I don't expect to be called before next Wednesday but hope it will be soon. The exchequer could use an infusion.



Blogger Julie said...

You are not alone. I, too am driven insane by bad information about textiles in muesums. You'd think a college-educated curator would know more than I would, and be able to fix the errors that are so glaringly obvious.

You'd think.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...


I love you both, you're my antithesis and I depend on people like you to keep the world running well.

I'm the kind of person who makes the dumbass mistakes that drives you both crazy (you and Samurai, that is...)


Anyway--yeah--Sockotta tends to wash up softer...once you get the sizing out and let the wool relax a little it's a lot easier on the hands... (but the stiffness helps it knitt up fast...I like that...)

Sounds like you had fun w/Husband--and the Youngest's status as being no longer 'The Baby' has been duly noted.

8:00 PM  

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