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Monday, October 01, 2007

Strikking Along

Julie has started a strikke along. As far as I can figure, if you have ever seen a Viking (including Hagar the Horrible) or are a fan on the Viking sports team (there must be one out there somewhere) or like to gaze at Vigo Mortenson you're in. Just knit something. I choose an Elsebeth Lavold vest from Knitters. She wrote the Viking pattern books. I will be knitting it out of some cotton from the stash. It works up to the same gauge and has a nice drape. The yarn, however, is grey! As you may remember this is not one of Julie's favorite colors. Good thing she's headed for the aquavit.

In other knitting news, I had been working on a pretty aqua tank top with a lacy bottom. I wasn't all that sure about fit and turns out I was right! The top looked rather nice but the lacy bottom showed my sweet little roll 'o fat and acres of soft white skin. I spent last evening ripping out. After I had neatly woven in all the ends, of course. I searched through the back issues of Knitter's I have and I found a shell that has enough challenge to be interesting and the gauge seems to work. That will have to be on the back burner for a while as I have a vest to work on and I would like to take a cardigan with me when I go south to visit The Husband next week. Also, Younger Son's girlfriend needs something special for the Winter Extravagance Days. Let's hope I get those Harmony needles before I leave for the south......

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Blogger Coach Susan said...

You've given me angina. You frogged that gorgeous turquoise lace?

I'm knitting a baby blanket in that color right now. It's Cleckheaton's Country 8-ply superwash wool. I'm doing the dragonfly openwork pattern from the Spring/Summer VK 1997 that was meant to be knit in the round and turned into a ladies' pullover but it just seems better suited to a baby blanket. Still deciding about the edging. Of course, every row is different so there's a little cloud of air over Coach's sofa that matches the blanket color perfectly. Appropriately, I've been veiwing The War while knitting.

You know what, your grey vest will be fine. Julie's not going to wear it. And anyway, you can pull it on over a nice brightly colored blouse or turtleneck. Or funk it up with some snazzy buttons. Looks like fun to knit.

6:05 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Ugh...I hate frogging. I might have gone to a coffee shop and MADE a friend who would have fit that tank top, because it looked gorgeous!!! (The Ms. is on it's way from Roxie...should be there around Monday!) The thing about gray is that Coach is right--it goes with everything!

6:16 AM  

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