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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

School's Out for Summer!!

Today was my last day at school. Yay!!! I have worked every school day for the last six weeks or so (except for the three days I lost my voice). Pretty good for a part-time job. That means that there will be a little money in the exchequer for garden pretties, furniture for the Edler Son (if he ever finds a place he can afford) and maybe a little left over for yarn? On the knitting front, I have finally finished the PPP! If I can get a good picture I will post. Of course, it is now June and we will undoubtedly have a blazing hot summer meaning I will have to wait for, ohhhh, October to wear the darn thing. I also finished the aloe vera socks, also wool and too warm for now. So what did I cast on? Wool socks in the Red Hat colorway from Knitpicks. I am knitting a pattern from Charlene Schurch's book "Sensational Socks". Sadly, I put the book down after photo-copying the instructions (I like to highlight my numbers and don't want to permanently mark the book) and I have not been able to find it since. Add cleaning to the summer list???
Wait til you see what I came up with for knitting and walking. Tune in.



Blogger Coach Susan said...

"Skoooooolz been blown

Thanks for resuscitating Alice Cooper and getting me tripping.

Uh, down memory lane, of course.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Loooove those books--Charlen Schurch, total genius... I look forward to seeing which one you're doing! (And about losing your book in the house? I do that all the time--no will come back...)

Oh yeah... CONGRATS! NO school for eight weeks--HUZZAH!

1:59 PM  

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