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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ha! Knitting!!

Even though I have been working way too much, I have still been knitting. Here is the proof:

Youngest Niece asked me to knit a scarf for a friend of hers whose mother died from breast cancer. I knit this from an Interweave Knits pattern in a back issue. It is the good old feather and fan pattern mixed with Stahman's sailor's scarf. It looks so very nice due to Julie's instructions on blocking (and the fact that The Baby was still at school so I had his bed to block on). The yarn is Lisa Sousa's "Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon". It blocks out beautifully!!

Here's a Swamp Monster Hat for the NewBaby. He was supposed to get it for his birthday, but plans change. It is knit from some cheap fun yarn I found and some left over acrylic. The pattern is in NewKnits on the Block. I love the eyes!
Cute story to fill in the picture spaces: The Husband and I were shopping last Sunday and as we were checking out, a little old lady came in and asked the cashier to help her. Seems she couldn't get into her car. The clerk went out to help and The Husband and I finished up bagging our stuff. We went out and saw the two ladies standing by a car pushing the button on the key tab. Said the Cashier, "Is there any one you can call with another opener?" Said The Husband, "Um..can't you use the key to open the door?" It's not just another blonde joke.

More knitting: I have been working on these socks for Youngest Niece for some time. Note that one of these socks is not like the other. I knit them on the same needles, but as I was close to running out of yarn, I knit tighter, not faster. Now I have to rip out and re-knit. I even had to dig out the yarn I was saving for myself and use a couple of yards. Maybe next week, I will finish them. Tomorrow is Kindergarten and there is no knitting on those days.

Last week was our wedding anniversary and The Husband took me to a very nice place for dinner. As we were waiting for our entrees, I heard the ladies at the next table say, "...Elizabeth Zimmerman....". I grabbed The Husband's arm and said, "They're knitters!" Honest, he didn't bang his head on the table. Later as they were leaving, I asked them if they were knitters and they said they were on the way to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival....and they were from Toronto! On the topic of our anniversary, this is the card I found for The Husband.

Knitpicks came through!! On Thursday I got a box full of yarny goodness. Yippee!! The floggings may end.
Now I just need a few days to knit and catch up on the TV tapes. Not to mention the Netflix discs that are gathering dust on the library table (no, we don't have a separate library, the whole house is a library and we found the table at an estate sale). Sorry to be so disjointed but I can be witty, or I can add lots of pictures. Today you get pictures.


Blogger Kari said...

Neat pattern for the scarf. The hat is awesome! And i love the yarn. :-)

6:59 PM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Aww...happy anniversary...I'm doing something like that w/Noro...ah, for summer... (good job on the pictures...hang in there yourself, school is almost over:-)

8:10 PM  

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