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Monday, May 21, 2007

Thirteen Days Left!

Yup, there are only thirteen days of school left! And I am scheduled for eleven of them. Part-time job? What part time job? Two posts ago I asked what I should do with the extra time I had. This was based on the idea that I would not work more than a half-day until I got my voice back. Great idea. That lasted two whole days. At any rate here are a few things I did on those days, gardening - not so much.

One of these cupboards is not like the other. Yup I did a bit of h-o-u-s-e-w-o-r-k. I cleaned one door of the cupboard over the stove. Yeah, just one. I had this bleach water and was about to clean the floor (for the third time in a week, Men!) and wondered if it would clean better than 409. Whoot! It worked and is cheaper. I see some clean cupboards in my future. (Note that I only did one door. Mostly, because I wanted to finish the floor before the men returned and I would have to start over.)

There has been knitting, too. I made two squares for the Virginia Tech afghans. Someday I will even get organized enough to mail them.
I tried to pick knitting patterns that had "V"s in them. Not too fancy in case they go to a man's afghan. The black is a nice superwash wool (I don't remember the brand) and the orange is a cashmere blend (clearenced from AC Moore) and nice and squeezable!!).
Today was a sub day (aren't they all lately?) and I was the monitor for the kids who lost the right to Field Day. I knit a good six inches on the leg of a sock for me. It's knit from that wonderful Austermann wool with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil in it. It feels sooo nice on my hands. I fixed up a little bag I can tie into buttonholes or beltloops and walk around the room while knitting. The kids are impressed (and quiet!!) and I stay awake and still accomplish something. Note that I never knit while actively teaching, only when the kids are otherwise engaged, testing or working on packets.
One more thing before I sign off, if you do the pod-cast thing there's a group called "The Reduced Shakespeare" and they have a pod cast. Not quite as funny as Lime and Violet but if you've ever been even remotely invovled in theater (or travel, come to think of it) they're a hoot! Listen in and laugh.


Blogger Coach Susan said...

Wow! Glad my cupboards are brown. Don't wanna know... Especially after 14 years in the house.

Virginia Tech afghans? I wasn't aware of this Charity du Jour. Knitters, man. What a bunch.

1:01 PM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Very nice squares...and very clean cupboards. That's when I knit in class too--when they're too squirrely to work w/out direct supervision, but they're working on stuff independently that they will correct as a class... (14 hours left with my 5th period class...weehooo!)

10:49 PM  

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