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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Knitting Out West

The last post I made was from my friend's computer, so I couldn't put up pictures. Back home again and now I can. I got into Seattle around 8 in the evening and then we had a three hour drive to Dianne's house. For me (still on PA time) that was like being up at 2 AM. As we passed these signs (picture taken later in the week):

I wondered, in my sleep deprived way, why there was a picture of George Washington on all the road signs. It came to me just as I opened my mouth to ask. Duh! I'm in Washington!

Over the week much knitting was done.

Here we are after a day trawling for yarn. Dianne is working on a baby blanket and I (the one in red) am working on that secret project for the Winter Holidays (you pick which one). At one point Dianne had to go do some laundry and her son, Jacob, took over.

He doesn't really knit (yet!) but he wanted to get in the knitting pictures. His older sister, Katie, has decided that she really wants to start knitting, so we got her some nice soft yarn and she gave it a shot.

Later, we discovered that this yarn doesn't stretch and is kind of hard for a beginner. We spent many, long days after that trying to find 100% wool (Katie decided to knit a messenger bag and felt it) without leaving their small town. Even WalMart let us down. Katie's Mom promised to keep looking. I knit Katie a pair of short socks for her flip-flops. I let her choose the yarn and she was so cute going from bin to bin squeezing and petting the yarn. Obviously we are training her well.

Later in the week we went to Grand Coulee Dam (no yarn shops, rats!) and we met the nice people from Bee Skep Farms. They had these handsome fellows with them.

They are Cheviot sheep. If The Harlot is looking for puppies for her girls, these might pass. They are only slightly over knee high and are bred for the rocky lands in Wales and Eastern Washington. They don't need a dog to herd them. In fact, their owner says they will attack any dog that bothers them. Sheep-like? I think not!

Even though I have been home a few days, laundry is calling and I have decided to work on what I call my piles o' crap. As I said to The Husband yesterday, if we can get rid of 80% (too high?) of what we own, we will be ready to move if he gets a good job offer next spring. Yesterday I threw out some foodstuffs that expired in 1995. More work in the kitchen to follow. Maybe even some cookbooks!


Blogger CygKnit said...

Nooooo! Not the cookbooks! (Just kidding, I'm imagining your husband's response.) Good for you to clear out stuff, though. It is liberating. Try freecycle (on yahoo groups) as a way to give away good stuff.

Love the pic of the sheep! Any for your backyard?

2:32 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

It looks like it was a pretty fun trip. I like the pictures of Jacob and Katie knitting. I have not seen short socks like that, they are cute with flip-flops.
I want to try felting but haven't gotten around to it. I was digging in my stash about a week ago trying to find some 100% wool to make a bag and i couldn't find any.

3:43 PM  
Blogger confiance said...

1995? I was 10 years old then. Try "misplacing" a few cookbooks and see if he notices. If he doesn't notice in 3 months, he doesn't need it. Ah, the piles o' crap.. You don't want to see my apartment then.

4:58 PM  

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