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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Baaaaby

Last weekend we went to The Big Brother's house in the east to witness New Baby's baptism*. I took along the quilt that matches New Baby's nursery.

This is the quilt that took the fussy cutting. I like it a lot better now that it is quilted and it has the blue binding. Here is New Baby in all his glory. He is six weeks old and looks just like his dad!

The garment he is wearing is the dress his Matenal Grandma wore when she was baptised. Note the cute little booties on his cute little feet. They are from 50 baby Booties to Knit by Zoe Mellor. I love this book! However I did make a few changes (you knew I would, didn't you?). When it is time to pick up the stitches around the top of the bootie foot, I used double pointed needles. The directions say to pick them up on one long needle and I find that my stitches are not perfectly even when I try to turn the corner with a straigt needle. Also the directions say to bind off and sew the seam at the bottom of the foot. As baby feet are sensitive, I grafted the bottom seam and sewed the back of the heel.

Now the real story behind these booties. I knit the first one,and it was way too big and the yarn was way too scratchy! I knit another and Baby's Grandma said the booties needed to be white (I had knit in ecru, because that was what was in the stash). I checked the stash and found some cashmere blend left from The Baby's (my baby, not New Baby) girlfriend's scarf. Eureka! It was white, is was soft and I thought there was just enough to make booties! Yay!

Oops! Ran out of yarn when it was time to knit the sides of the bootie. Quick trip to A C Moores for more yarn. Knit the last bootie while Fifth graders were taking a test! Yay, I'm done and a day early at that. The next morning, just before we were to leave on a three hour drive to Big Brother's I realized that I had skipped the eyelet row for the ribbon ties in booties number two! Argggghhhh! Three hour trip? I can knit a new bootie number two in the car on the way. As you can see, New Baby has both feet warm and cuddly, I didn't even manage to forget the yarn needle, or the ribbon to tie the booties.

*Some of you may be a bit confused. No, Jews do not baptise. I come from a blended family. This means we celebrate (or are at least aware of) both sets of holidays. Jewish holidays are at my house and baptisms and Christmas are at Big Brother's.


Blogger Kari said...

Very nice quilting. The binding and the quilting finished it off very nicely. Also, the baby booties are cute. (And so is the baby! :-)
I have been reading the Aunt Dimity series and am loving the books.

1:36 PM  
Blogger confiance said...

I love that quilt. And the booties. And don't even get me started on the baby.

2:03 PM  
Blogger CygKnit said...

Ohhhhh! Pretty quilt and lovely baby :)

I also often have to explain that yes, I do know what Christmas and Easter are, and they are celebrated in my family. Blended families are fun

4:31 PM  
Blogger disa said...


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