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Friday, March 03, 2006

Too Much Time

With the Olympics over I find I am ready to start a whole bunch of new projects. Let's see if i can show you what I am up to.

This is the fabric for Niece Cherise's quilt for the new baby (due sometime in March or April). Note the big red holes. These are caused by "fussy cutting". You don't measure the squares so much as you figure out what you want to show in the quilt piece and then you cut the picture out. Takes a whole lot more fabric, but can be really interesting in the final quilt. I once cut out animal texture for a Noah's Ark quilt for Number One Great-Nephew.

Once again I am having trouble posting pictures for you. If someone who uses blogger can give me some help, here is the problem: Every time I add a picture to the blog I get thrown off line. We have broadband, I use Kodak picture software (Let's no go into moving from Kodak to a folder I can actually access), and if I try to add another picture to this post I will get nowhere at all. Thanks.


Blogger strikkegal said...

I use Kodak software too, it puts my pictures in a Kodak folder in "Pictures", in "My Documents"... I can then edit them with other programs when accessed through the Kodak folder.

I don't know why you get thrown offline though, huge pictures maybe ? I make mine smaler before I upload them (they're HUGE in best quality!)

7:51 AM  

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