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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Still Standing

Since the last time I updated, we have had some repairs done to the Manse. The carpenter looked at the steps and said, "Hmmm...You have some real structural problems here." Ooohhh! The house in question is over 100 years old and beloved husband collects oak furniture and books. See .

These are the books in one corner of the attic, I do not mention the books near the upstairs bath (mostly because those are my knitting and sewing books), the 800 plus cookbooks in the kitchen and dining room, the Jewish collection in the front hallway, or the history/literature/poetry books in the living room. I haven't even looked at the books in the children's rooms. As a result we are going to have to get rid of about one-third of the books in the house. I have already gone through the sewing room and reduced the clutter in there by one-quarter so there will be a huge lawn sale chez Gordon shortly after Mother's Day. Beloved husband (Bob) believes that most of his books should go on E-Bay. I will wait while you laugh.......Yes, I agree, some of his books should indeed go on E-Bay but the end result must be to de-aquisition, not to make scads of bucks (though that would certainly help pay for the above mentioned repairs).

PS Carpenter Guy says if we lighten the load on the house, all should be fine.

To cheer me up I made this:

Eventually, it will be a quilt for the new baby in the family. I am also knitting socks, but that is a story for another day.


Anonymous Kari said...

It sounds like you would be able to open your own library if you wanted to, lol.

Love the baby blanket!

4:05 PM  
Blogger keohinani said...

the chocolate was from trader joe's.
thanks for the comment on my blog!
though have you considered retrofitting your house? on bridges, the foundations are essentially thickened and reinforced with concrete for seismic retrofitting. however, if you're looking to maintain your collection of books, you may ask an architect (not a carpenter) if it's possible to reinforce the foundations on your house.
another suggestion would be to build an extension to redistribute the weight--maybe even construct your own library wing of the house. just a thought...

2:09 PM  

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