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Friday, March 10, 2006

Solution in sight

I talked to "the Guy" at a local camera store and his take on the whole picture/blog thing is that EasyShare was not meant for people who want to play around with the images. Editing - fine. Printing - fine. Saving - fine. Moving image from camera to blog - not so fine. His advice to remove EasyShare and use another photo software. As there are at least 3 different programs on the main computer there should be something I can use. Someday I will have time to fix all this stuff and get just as smooth as all the other great bl0gs I have seen out there. Thanks to all for the inspiration (*whispers*)Now how do I get more than 6 hours sleep and still get everything done?


Blogger GaiaGal said...

Hey Bonnie!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for trying to help with the "Adamas" chart. Grrrr. I might figure it out some day.

Now let's see if i can help you with your blog pics problem??

The software with my Olympus allows me to easily transfer my photos from camera to the Olympus software on my PC. However, i couldn't figure out what to do from there, so i have no idea if i'm even doing it properly...I made a new folder on my desktop by right clicking, choosing "new", then "folder" and named it "digi pics". Once i have my photos transfered from camera to PC i then rename them in the Olympus software and then highlight them all and copy/paste them to my desktop folder. In the main folder i've named new folders for each date as i take pictures, i'm anal about some i copy the photos into the inside folder for whatever date the pic was taken on. Then i come online and upload the photos i want to blog, onto my Flickr account(there's a link on my blog)...and then link them from Flickr to my blog by using the "img src="" code, putting the Flickr http address into those quotes.

If this is still fuzzy or you have questions, please email me so we don't hog up all of your comments area here. ;)

LOVE your Olympic Sweater, way to go!!


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