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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Promise fulfilled!

At the end of my last posting I promised to talk about socks. Since reading the Harlot I have gotten back into knitting socks. The last pair of socks I knit was for my father in 1974. The pattern doesn't change much but the yarns have gotten better (or I've gotten better at shopping). I knit these for Bob as a Valentine's gift. The "pattern" is from Sally Melville's purl book. The yarn is Froehlich Wolle in color 437. This is a very nice yarn. Bob has worn these socks once a week since the end of February and I have washed them in the washer and dried them in the dryer with only improvement! They just get softer!

Since I knit for the husband, I decided to make a few pairs of socks for myself. I used the same basic pattern, but added a picot edge and a lace heart over each ankle on the red ones. If I had any idea what I was doing, I would post the pattern. The yarn is Knitpicks Essentials. The striped socks are a self-striping yarn I got at the local AC Moore's. The little bit of started socks are the Jaywalker pattern from Grumperina. I was a little worried that they wouldn't fit my rather large ankles, especially when I read a comment on the Harlot that these socks don't stretch as much as regular knit socks. It turns out that I knit a lot looser than Grumperina and they fit the ankles just fine. Now about the skinny little feet.....

Just as a tiny update on the sinking house, Bob got rid of two bags of books and one box by taking them to the local library for the spring fundraiser, and then he ordered "a few" cookbooks. Sigh. For those who are interested here is the pile of books I should read and recycle.

Well, I suppose I should get reading. Next time: Quilts!


Blogger Kari said...

Love the socks. I especially like the red socks with the heart on them.
So your husband got rid of some books, and ordered some more cookbooks? lol.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

The downside of surreptitiously reading blogs at work is that loud snorts of laughter are somewhat suspicious. I loved the "pattern" for the stapling!

Love your socks too! What size needles did you use with the Knitpicks yarn? I've been eyeing that for a while.

We have similar book problems (quantity, not sagging shelves). Now when my husband orders from Amazon, he asks, "I'm getting a book. Do you need anything?" as if its the drugstore. Free shipping doesn't hurt.

5:30 AM  

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