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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And we're back!

Several posts back, I promised quilts. Folks, are you in luck (assuming you like this sort of thing). Not only quilts, but knitting. Herewith: Quilt One:

It is a large central square with nine-patch blocks all around. It is quilted in a simple cross-hatch pattern. The husband didn't like it until it was quilted, then it "looks a lot better". Now, Quilt Two:

This is a Noah's Ark quilt (could you guess?). It is based on a Debbie Mumm wall hanging pattern and I had to add some extra animals to bring the design to a baby quilt size (note: Mrs. Noah!). Everyone is happy with it. I had fun making it and the person who asked me to make it was pleased with the colors. Win, win!

Now for the knitting: I was working on a pair of Jaywalkers but they look all lumpy and odd to me:

Maybe it's just me. Should I make another knowing that it took about a month just to knit this one? Or should I frog it and try another pattern. Decisions, decisions. While making up my mind, I have put the last few stitches on a thread and have been working on these:

Yes! The pirate's socks from hello yarns. This is what Elder Son wants for his birthday (well, one thing. He would also like a car of his own, a college fund, and world peace). I just checked and he wears size "13 maybe a 14, Mom". The yarn is Lang Yarn's Jawoll. I am using Clover bamboo DPs in size 0. Yep! Love those tiny little stitches on tiny little needles. Back to the socks!


Blogger Kari said...

Very nice quilts. I especially like the Noah's Ark quilt. Is that machine-quilting? I've done a little hand-quilting before, but not any machine-quilting...that is something I want to do in the future sometime.
And on the Jaywalker socks...from the picture they look fine. However, if you know you will never be happy with them...then frog them and try again or try a different pattern. (I hate tearing stuff apart...the first sweater that I attepmted to make didn't turn out and i'll never wear it but i refuse to tear it apart...just all those hours down the drain, i can't make myself tear it apart.)
And the pirate socks are cute.

5:12 PM  
Blogger confiance said...

I love the quilts. I've never managed to get the attention span needed to put together a whole quilt. The lack of sewing ability also comes to mind.
The socks look fine, but I'm loving the pirate socks.

4:00 PM  
Blogger CygKnit said...

Quilts are so over my head it isn't even funny. Knitting, though. Now that I know (except socks, but you helped me with that).

That said, I don't think the Jaywalkers look bad. It may be one of those "looks worse in person" things, but from here they are kinda funky. And the skull socks? Too cool! ES will love them (and I have to remember not to tell my DH, or he will want them, too). I'll betcha by now your son knows how much work you put into them, and will praise you appropriatly. I hope!

1:24 PM  

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