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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hi! From Washington

I won't be able to post pictures until I get home, but here's what I am up to.
Last Monday I flew from PA to WA to visit my friend Dianne for a week. So far we've been to 2 yarn shops and WalMart (for fabric). I worked on a Channukah gift for one of the family (sorry, no pictures until it is delivered, Oooohhhh! Won't posting in December be fun!) on the airplane. We had our own little craft row. I was working on .....the gift and the lady next to me was working on an afghan in crochet. The lady by the window said she wished she had brought something to work on, but she hadn't knit or crocheted in a long time. Every time the Stewardesses walked by us (we were right outside the gally) they smiled. No Weenies on this flight!
Yesterday we went shopping (on a yarn crawl) and I bought the yarn to make flipflop socks for Dianne's daughter, Katie. She was so cute feeling all the yarn and going from bin to bin to find the best color. I will take a picture and post next week. Dianne spent way tooo much on yarn for a Gift project of her own and something for Katie to start re-learning to knit (you will be assimilated!). Great yarn, but it takes sooo much for a blanket. I got a really great space dyed yarn, but it too is destined for a family gift, so you'll just have to wait.
Today we are off to Chi Gong (Spelling in Chinese is not my forte) class and Dianne and kids will be taking thier Karate class while I knit the aforementioned flipflop socks.
Plans for the rest of the week include sight-seeing, swimming, and laundry.
Now, back to vacation.


Blogger Kari said...

It sounds like you are having a really fun trip! What was the Channukah gift? Well, i suppose i'll have to wait until you post a picture of it. :-) That's cool that you were working on that and the lady next to you was crocheting.

You asked me a question on my blog about charted tatting patterns. So far i have just been reading the patterns like a normal pattern. However, I find the photos of the finished product in the book very helpful to see what it's supposed to look like as i go on.
But my preference on reading a pattern rather than using a chart is probably because i have only actually used one chart for a pattern in knitting, otherwise i always read it. but i want to learn intarsia and fair isle so i'll get to practice chart reading in the future.

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