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Monday, February 23, 2009

Air Is Good!

The lungs are working better now. I will be seeing a pulmonologist soon and we hope to go another eight years without troubles. Well, more, really, but let's not ask for too much.
While I have been waiting for air I have worked on a few things (knitting may be the new yoga, but it's not aerobic)

These are a pair of socks I started ages ago. They are from Knitpicks Essential Colorway: Blue Voilet Multi. They have a twisted stitch rib running all the way to the toes. Sadly, this demands too much attention to knit in the dark or in the car (motion sickness abounds). That means this is the first sock. I put the picture up because, Look! Look at the beautiful nails! I bit my nails until I was fourteen or so and chewed on the cuticles until a few years back. Last summer I started to get professional manicures every now and then and give myself a weekly manicure at home. Trust me, if I can do it so can you. Of course, now that I have to wash the nebulizer stuff three times a day, my cuticles are all dried out again. Back to the hand cream......

Every year I try to knit a silly hat for the great nephews (both are under 10). This year's entry is the fish hat. Naturally, Elder Son wants one, too. Younger Son is still hoping for a Viking Hat. It was an easy knit, in the round and fairly mindless. I even got to use up some left over yarns from the stash. Does this mean I can order some more?

These are a pair of legwarmers I made for my sister-in-law. She was in the yarn store while Youngest Niece and I were shopping and she picked up this yarn two or three times to say how much she liked the color. I bought it as soon as she left and took it home. Then I had to figure out what to make. YN says her mom is always cold at the office and could probably use some leg warmers. There they are. No real pattern. I just cast on the number of stitches I would have used for a sock (54?), knit a few inches in twisted rib (two or three) and knit three inches plain then increased two stitches at the center back every five or six rounds until it seemed there were enough (72 stitches?) and then knit to sixteen inches and knit another two or three inches of twisted ribbing. The hard part was measuring out the yarn so I had exactly the same weight in two balls. Good thing I have a digital gram scale. I didn't do any fancy stitching so SIL can wear them under her trousers and not look all lumpy.

Sock Roulette sock! This is New Fallen Snow (which seemed fitting for February) from Pink Lemon Twist. I have loved looking at her sock patterns for more than a year and Roulette gave me the push I needed to buy some patterns. Of course, I bought patterns for 12 socks, but you expected that. As you can see they are a little tight around the leg. A normal ankle will do just fine. With twists across the whole leg it makes it a little tighter. If I knit a pair for myself I will go up a needle size or two for the leg and switch to my usual size 0 for the heel and foot. Details: Yarn, Pattons Kroy socks in cream. Needle: Knitpicks 6" DPN in Options wood size 0. Who ever gets it, don't worry, I washed it and reblocked it so it won't be all stretched out. While I was at it, I thought a nice set of stitch markers with a sparkly winter feel would be a nice add along. What do you think?

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Blogger ReesieAnn said...

Glad to hear you are still breathing! Good Job on finishing up a UFO you've had for a while. Yes, you can go buy more yarn! That's your prize for finally finishing them. I LOVE LJ's fish hat, and so does my knit night friends (Normally I would say ladies but Mike isn't a lady!) It was tried on by more than one person and they all just oohhed and ahhhhed over it. It takes LJ a little while to warm up to new things - next thing I know he'll be wearing it 24/7 and I'll have to sneak it off his head at night to wash it like that commercial. Mom loves her new "scoobies". Thats what we call legwarmers cuz the ones that she has have Scoobey Doo on them. Your sock for Sock Roulette is VERY PRETTY! Who ever the receiver is is a very lucky lady ;) and the stitch markers are gorgeous. I'd like to make some myself. I'm trying to get my LY&BS to offer a class. Soon I hope.

4:41 PM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

Huzzah, you are doing better! I'm soo glad to hear it.

The fish hat is too cute. I could see my youngest havin g that on his head 24/7!

Stay well!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

So glad to hear you're doing better! The WIP's are wonderful--i really like your roulette sock! (I started mine... soo behind...)

I still bite my nails... but I've considered the manicure thing, because right now I'm just biting them for containment, not for nervousness...

Did I mention I LURVE the fish hat? VERY awesome!!!

6:41 AM  

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