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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just a Note

School has started again. Now, I am a sub. You would think that means I have a few weeks before I go back to work. Not so. I am now booked for more that 40 days in the next school year, and that doesn't even count days when the teachers are sick. Yesterday I was in for meetings (that's right. On the second day of school).
Best story of the day? I was going over a questionnaire for second graders about what they would like to do in the Large Group Instruction room before and after school while waiting for the school bus routes to finish/start. One question referred them to their hobbies. "What's a hobby?", asked one kid in the back.
"It's something you like to do that you don't get paid for. It's just for fun. What's my favorite hobby?"
He looked at me (apparently he needs to get his eyes checked) and said, "Jogging?"
The whole class laughed and I asked,"Whadda you? New heah?" All the other kids chimed in with. "She KNITS!"
In knitting news: I finished the Branching Out scarf and it looks pretty much the same, just longer. I started an Aran sweater for Kermit's hubby, but it is looking a little too narrow around the chest. Luckily I have only knitted two skeins up so far and they are coming down to visit soon. We are colluding to trick him into letting us measure him without knowing why, so the sweater will be a surprise. I suppose I should mention that all the pattens I have seen are not quite right so I am designing it as I go.
Youngest Niece has finished her first socks. Go visit her and heap praise on her head. Then I won't have to knit socks for the holiday, just send her yarn. Mah ha ha.

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Anonymous younger son's sweetie said...

About time you updated ! :) I was gonna call but I figure that I should take the time to call my parents before I call you guys. I just came across the lemon cake recipe in the bag and I wanted to say THANK YOU !!! Hopefully I can try that one out sometime this semester (along with the other ones I collected from you before).

11:50 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Always good to hear from you! That was awesome about the kid--it's always good to be known! I went to my kindergartner's back to school night, and I was surprised to see that there were three or so teachers out with health problems already--harvest season for the substitute teacher! (And go on the socks--another convert to the world of knitting:-)

7:25 PM  
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