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Saturday, June 07, 2008

It's Hot!!!!

I used to love summer. All that time to read, knit and swim. But that was in the great north (as we call the town where we used to live, which was often the cold spot in the continental US) and summer temperatures rarely went higher than 80 degrees (27 Celsius). Now that we have moved south (not that far) and with global warming a normal summer temperature is 85 (29 Celsius) with a heat wave every two weeks and the heat wave is easily 90-95 degrees (32-35 Celsius). Yuk! And we don't have air conditioning in any room but the sewing room.....
In gardening news, I started to mulch the roses right outside my kitchen door, but somehow I hurt my knee. It was either Pre-school (man, those kids are short!) or kneeling on cement for four hours while I cleaned out the lavender beds. At any event, there hasn't been a lot of gardening. Last year YSS and I bought a beautiful blue planter that I wanted to make into a water feature on the back patio (this is really too grand a word for the paved area behind the house, but it gives the flavor of my plans). Yesterday I finally got a water lilly and some fish for it. One of the fish was floating this morning. Maybe I should have waited for the silt from the water lilly to settle before adding fish?
On the knitting front I am headed for my brother's house next weekend and Youngest Niece wants to learn to knit. I gave her lots of info and some yarn for the Winter Excess Holidays and now I'll have a chance to sit down with her and knit in person. I have nearly finished the Turquoise Splendor shawl. The goal for today is to finish the edging and block. Whee!
As for Quilting, well I have good intentions. Eldest Niece's quilt is out and all the plans are suitably enlarged, I even cut out 150 grapes. And that is where the quilt stopped. Crud, I just remembered that one of my goals was to have her quilt ready to applique when I go south (lots of air conditioning) with The Husband. Due to some schedule changes of his, that will be in 11 days! I have to finish Little Guy's quilt (finish? Ha! Start!) so I can take it to him next weekend. It's a good thing this is the last week of school.

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Blogger Amy Lane said...

I can't wait to see the turquoise shawl! And I do know what you mean by the heat... last year we went up to 120 for three days. UGH!!!

9:34 AM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

Nothing like a nice, relaxing summer, eh?

And I hear you on the heat. When I lived in Texas we had 110 for three weeks. Though I think even three days of 120 that Amy mentioned is way too much.


2:49 PM  

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