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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Slough of Despond

I have almost finished up everything on the list I posted on April 11. That's kind of sad. Naturally, I didn't include some things that have been on the "to do" list for years. Years, I tell you.
Last week, or so, one of my local friends tried to sell me a raffle ticket for a sky box at the local baseball park. Eighteen of my closest friends and I could enjoy the game with snacks provided. My reply, "First of all, when have you ever had any indication that I would enjoy a sporting event? Secondly, I don't have eighteen friends."
"Sure you do," said he.
"Name "em!"
"Well, there's your family, that's four. And my family, that's"
Uh huh. If you don't count my virtual friends there just aren't that many hanging around.
I even tried a local knitting group. Nice ladies, but when I asked if they blogged or read any blogs they kinda sneered. Not really a fun group.
So I came home and knit. And knit. Once I get out of this slough of despond I will post again.



Blogger SunshineDreams said...

(Okay, sorry if I post this twice. The blog claims I didn't post it. Just delete the extra me if there is one!)

I know what you mean about virtual friends. It can be odd when the people you relate best to are people whom you've never met in person.

I've moved to a big city, where the knitters I've met are very tony, very "serious" knitters. They always look rather askance at outdoorsy, bookish, non-tony me. Nothing wrong with them, really; we just don't relate.

So I know what you mean. If you're not in the same mindset as the locals, even the knitters can be daunting.

But hey, what I really came over to say (besides being glad I found your blog) is long live The Monster at the End of this Book and Harold and the Purple Crayon! Almost everyone has Harold, but you are the only other person I've heard of who also owned Monster @ the End!

7:54 AM  

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