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Friday, April 11, 2008


Yes, it's that time of year again. The Husband has gone South to work and I have lots of "free" time. Whatever shall I do with all this freedom? Let's go to the lists, shall we?
Cut out Elder Son's sleep pants (only the ones made by Mom are comfortable)
Do alterations (a little side job of mine, not to worry they are not due until Sunday)
Repairs (missing button, broken strap, dress alteration)
Type minutes from board meeting
Sew above pants
Make new pillowcases for special pillows
Knit (shawl from Knitters' shawls)
Make dinner (meatloaf, yum)
Prepare kits for Sunday School craft (Mother's Day bracelets)
File Recipes that have been laying around for the last six months
Say good-bye to The Husband and make sure he has everything (oh well, there's always next week)
Visit Doctor
Clean bird feeder and birdbath
Weed/de-winter back flower border
Knit (notice it moved up the list?)
Quilt for New Baby
Clean up Rose bed by the garage and herb beds (before it rains!)
Run errands (pick up plants, beads for Sunday School, Shampoo, lunch)
Make sample bracelet
Call Dr. about blood test
Make Elder Son's pants (cut out and sew)
Alterations (still plenty of time)
Pillow cases (hey, there's one without holes)
Iron (no rush for this)
And what are we looking forward to tomorrow?
Shop (stupid one-day coupons)
Plant window boxes
Sweep front porch and clean rocking chairs
Elder Son's pants (I swear I was ready to start, but I couldn't find the pattern)
Re-pot parsley for Sunday School
Make Passover Granola
Alterations (Eep! Due tomorrow!)
Pillow cases
Make baby hat and bracelet for Sister-in-Law's craft shop
Lists are supposed to help, right?



Blogger Amy Lane said...

Your lists look like mine--only more organized and doable...

6:17 PM  
Blogger mathcutie said...

I like to start my lists with things like "shower" and "drink coffee", so if I don't accomplish anything else that day at least I will have two things crossed off my list.

7:53 PM  
Blogger confiance said...

My lists must look a lot like mathcuties, but I also add things like "eat chocolate" - I like feeling productive.

And yes, lists help. If only to let you know what you DON'T get done.

9:58 PM  
Blogger ReesieAnn said...

What new baby????? Who's having a baby? Is Anne having another one????

I have too too much to do to even start making a list... maybe I should but that on a list... 1. make list 2. try to do something on the list 3. make separate lists for work and home... see what I mean???

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Younger Son's Sweetie said...

heehee I just found that I could leave comments ! Those lists look familiar...I am a list-maker myself, but generally my lists end up being impossibly long as I always remember things that I've been forgetting to do for eons...Anyway, you should update more often : your posts never cease to amuse me here !

4:35 PM  

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