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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Random Thursday

Just a few things that have come up lately.
Thing the first: When we picked up Younger Son from college he said, "I'm in the right school. When I go to pick up the paper (note: his school gets the New York Times every day for each student) the recycling bin is full of the day's sports section." That's my boy!
Thing the second: On the day most of America was unwrapping goodies under the Tree (no, not the Solstice Tree, but Happy Solstice!) we went to the movies and out for Chinese. Seriously folks, we could have had an afternoon service in at least four of the movies and at the restaurant (note: it takes ten adult Jews to pray "officially"). Every one in the congregation seems to have had the same idea. We saw Sweeny Todd. It's very well done. Some songs were left out but, hey, it's a movie! And who wouldn't want to spend the day with Johnny Depp?
Thing the third: Wishing you all a happy winter holiday (whichever you celebrate) and lots of fun plans for the coming year.

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Blogger Amy Lane said...

hee hee... I'm laughing because a friend of mine has also made that same observation. Every year I send her a 'holiday card' and letter, and she says 'Thanks--we went to temple at the movies'.

10:45 PM  

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