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Thursday, December 06, 2007


I got the knitpicks Harmony needles back in October and I loved, loved, loved the looks of them, but wanted to wait for a special project to use them. All right, I'll confess, I had to wait until I started a new project on something other than DPNs. Last week, I was knitting away on a Shape it! scarf from Sally Melville's Knit Stitch book and the gorgeous wooden tip (size 8) came out of the metal holder. The glue, epoxy, or whatever came loose. No problem. I called Knitpicks and they promise to send out a new set of tips. Wonderful customer service, the lady who answered was well informed and we had a nice chat. It's a good thing. Today I was knitting along on the Mohawk hat from Domiknitrix (for Elder Son's Hanukkah) and lo and behold the size four tip separated. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Anonymous Kim said...

ooh, aren't those needles beautiful! I've been knitting on mine for a week or so and love them. KnitPicks are great about their customer service. I had an options metal needle that had a sharp place on one side and they sent a replacement right out.

Happy knitting!

5:11 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

bummer about theneedles coming apart--that could be sort of disappointing!

12:57 AM  

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