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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Prodigal Cat

One of the reasons for the Slough is that our "new-to-us" cat, Cleo-cat-era, slipped out the door last week and had not been seen. We think she left at four in the morning when Elder Son was on the way to work and very tired.

Well, the people up the street called and said they had a little cat with dark fur and white hair. Now, I have only seen Cleo inside as she is an "inside" cat and I was as work when The Husband picked her up. I walked up the hill (have you ever seen the incline on "Ninja Warrior"? Yeah, that kind of hill) and lo and behold there was out kitty.

We can only hope that having someone else around the house will lighten the Slough. As mentioned earlier The Husband is once again working in the south and this year Younger Son is at school working for the school library, and Elder Son has a girlfriend and if not at school in the evening, he is out. Who knew I would be lonely?

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Anonymous younger son's sweetie said...

I'm relieved to hear that Cleo has been found--I was informed a few days ago that she'd gone missing and I was quite concerned...

As for your lists, I feel for you. I have quite a bit to do just for my life here in France and I'm behind on all of it. I'm behind even on little things like laundry ! It's terrible. On top of it, I have a friend arriving on Thursday to stay for a week.

11:37 AM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

I'm glad the prodigal kitty has been returned.

As I am new to the blogging world, I wasn't sure whether to respond to your comments in my comments or post it over here in your comments. Since we're non-one-uppers, I figured you'd let me know.

So, come revisit my comments if you want.

I'm waay away from everyone I know, so we might as well see if we can saw our way out of the Slough together, you know?

2:30 PM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

I left a comment last night to the effect of a) I have you bookmarked as well b) couldn't wait to read through your archives (I've begun; love the colors you choose!) and c) comment away.

eBlogger told me I left the comment as well; it made me do the word verification and everything.

I'm just not sure where I put it...

12:29 PM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

Thing Three, actually (hard to keep them straigh, as both Two and Three seem to like blog mentions :)). If we are able to move back home, we'll have to take a detour to see horseshoe curve and say hi!

Cardboard. You are a brillant goddes. I never would have thought of it.

8:03 AM  

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