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Friday, July 11, 2008

No More Pain!! Whee!!

Warning: medical content ahead. I am not a doctor, read if you are interested, but check with your own doctor before changing meds. If you are not interested, skip to the Red line.
For the last two years or so I have been on medication for acid reflux. Recently I mentioned to my Doctor that the meds she had given me weren't working so well. Naturally, being an American trained doctor she gave me something different and stronger. After a week that hadn't worked either. During that week, however, I read the People's Pharmacy in the Sunday paper. Someone wrote in that for another stomach problem, they had tried ginger candy and it really worked. Now, I had been especially miserable for six weeks or so and the new meds weren't working. The Husband happens to enjoy the taste of ginger so he had some Ginger Chews laying around. I figured I didn't have anything to lose so I ate one. The relief was immediate!! The first day (Sunday) I ate one of the candies whenever I noticed the acid climbing my throat. That was four times. Today (what? Five days later?) I needed one. One I tell you! As I sit here at 11:00 at night there is no acid perceptible and I feel great! Apparently the ginger rebooted my stomach. BTW, I stopped the stomach meds, after calling the Doctor. Don't try to stop these meds without your doctor's advice, from the reading I have done if you are on some of these meds and you stop suddenly the acid rebounds and will make you even more miserable. Keep taking the meds, try the ginger and call your doctor.
This is for Amy, who is having some foot pain. Last week the People's Pharm recommended a natural treatment for plantar faciaitus. May it help you as much as the ginger helped me.
On the knitting front, Youngest Niece has really been hooked by the knitting universe. Last week she sent me a killer present (you'll have to wait until I get organized and use it to see pictures. 'It's awesome!!) and when I called to tell her that I had posted a thank you on her blog, she said, "I don't use that much any more, I'm on Ravelry" the student has outpaced the master. Let's see her knit lace.
I felted my first piece, well, my first on-purpose felting. As soon as I get the fabric finish attached, I will take a picture and post. Otherwise I am knitting away on the ribbon vest. I counted all the slipped stitches to figure out where the buttons will go, now there's just the knitting.
In quilting, I am still working on Eldest Niece's quilt. It has been languishing in the corner for way too long, but I think I've figured out my problem with it. The background for the applique border is just too dark. Today I bought some new background fabric and we'll see if that's the ticket.
In other venues, I organized all the clippings I have piled near the knitting chair and will let you in on my organizing methods when I can load pictures. This evening my friend's children came for dinner. The son (Let's call him Aaron shall we?)is getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah and we chose some fabrics for his prayer shawl. The daughter (hereafter known as Greta) helped me clean out the "water feature" on the back patio. Seems the fish can swim in black water. Who knew the algae would grow that quickly? Good times.
See you next week.

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Blogger ReesieAnn said...

Yay!!! No more pain for you!!! I'm glad to hear that the ginger is working for you. I dunno if I could get past the taste/hotness of it.

I am sooooo glad you liked your gift. I can't wait to see what you do with it :) because I just KNOW it's going to be FANTASTIC!!!!

You are right... I haven't been a good blogger as of late. I've been getting the "I have too much to blog about to blog" syndrome. I need to get over that and just sit down and do it! And why may I ask are you NOT ON RAVELRY YET???? I keep looking for you - oh... BTW my username on there is ReesieAnnPA so look me up dang it! (and anyone else who is reading my FAB's blog feel free to add me as a friend too!) Oh, I have many many many things to learn master - no worries about this student surpassing her teacher ANY time soon... lace does look interesting though and your shall was GORGEOUS!!!! But I am no where near that stage of the game!

I can't wait to see before & after pis of your "On Purpose Felting" project. I do have to say that your "Oopsie felting" socks are my FAVORITE socks that I own! I should take a pic and post it - tee hee hee...

I think you are totally on to something with EN's quilt - if you don't like it then you won't want to work on it and it will sit and sit and sit and sit some more!

You are organizing??? Can't wait! I'm trying to start out that way so that things don't get out of hand later (like the rest of my house). That is one of the many reasons I like Ravelry so much is because you can track and sort your stash all in one place.

So... did I comment about as long as you blogged here... think I may have...

Love, YN - the Student

6:39 PM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

Yeeeeha! (How could I skip the part about no more pain!) And thanks so much for the link--so far instep inserts are doing it for me, but I can always use some more recs!!! I'm so glad you found something to help with that...chronic stuff is SOOOO exhausting.

I need to re-up my ravelry (I'm so far behind on entering my projects...rather sad, really...)

And good for you--another convert to the cause!!!! (Galad, bless her, is my biggest triumph in that area--I just want to bronze her, she's so awesome!!!!)

10:39 PM  

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