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Monday, January 05, 2009

This Is Why I Don't Have a Diary

Hi! Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted. It always seemed that I had one more thing to add. The Husband says at least twice a week, "You have my permission to blog this." Not that I can remember what he did (well, except for the whole leave the house without his coupons/bills/grocery list/jacket/glasses and that's just proof that I'm the young one in this relationship).
If Blogger will co-operate there will be a lot of pictures here.
First up I should catch you up on the knitting:
These are the stitch markers I made one day when I should have been cleaning the house. Hey, I had all the materials and Cat Bordhi says I need ABC markers to make her wonderful socks.....
I got the dragonfly wings at an on-line bead shop. The rest of the beads came from bracelets I was making with my Sunday School class. The rings are the loop half of toggle findings for bracelets. Someday I will start the Coriolis socks.....
These are regular old socks (Paton's Kroy Sock yarn and KnitPicks options DPNs size 0)that I can knit while The Husband and I are at the opera. Not the "real" opera but the HD broadcast from the Met on Saturdays. They actually send out the performance to local movie theaters and you can see the opera. It's pretty cool except when they try those arty shots and you can see the audience. You know, "Wow, I can feel the heat from the desert and she looks so tired, Hey isn't that Aunt Helen in the third tier..." Sort of breaks the whole suspension of dis-belief thing. On the other hand you do get to see what's going on back stage and instead of hearing the opera quiz you get to "visit" the wardrobe section and get a close look at the costumes.

These are The Husband's Hanukkah socks (Cascade Yarns-Heritage in Cherry Be color, Knit on KnitPicks options DPNs size 0). The only thing I didn't like about this yarn is the pooling at the ankle. The color is much deeper and more interesting than my camera shows. The yarn is nice and squishy. Sadly, The Husband says he only has four or so pairs of socks. Now, how did that happen? I counted mine and I have nearly fourteen pairs. Then he reminded me of a few I knit with NON superwash yarn that made the trip through the washer and dryer and are now on the feet of smaller people.......Speaking of the washer, you may have been reading about Stephanie's sad loss of Mr. Washie. Apparently it is catching. The local washer (that would be the one downstairs) is out of commission. I swear I haven't felted anything in it(yet). The repair guy is coming tomorrow and we hope he can replace something or jiggle something to get us back in laundry. I have three days of underwear left and it's off to the laundromat.
The last time I had a pedicure, the pedicurist sent me home right away "so your feet won't freeze". It was pretty cold and rainy (and freezing rainy) that day so I scooted home ASAP. After thinking about it I realized that I don't do my own toe nails anymore and I would probably be back before spring. I needed socks! Specifics - Filatura Di Crosa yarn Maxime print in partita color, knit on KnitPicks options DPNs size 0. Yes, they are my favorite needles, why do you ask? I chose that color because that is the color I normally get my toe nails done and the yarn matches! Whee.

While we were visiting Elder Brother and his family over Thanksgiving (so it has been a while since I posted. Sigh) Youngest Niece took Younger Son's Sweetie and me to a yarn shop. I thought it would be nice to knit her a Clapotis since I have never knitted one and she spent last year in France. I had her pick out some yarn and got enough to make the Clapotis. Started same. Let's see, knit a whole lot of plain stitches with the occasional twisted stitch and eventually let about half of the stitches run down. Wait. What? Sorry, way too boring. So I knit her the Poinsettia lace neck warmer (when she unwrapped it she said,"Well, I don't know what it is, but I know what color it is." Very pretty pattern, just don't try knitting it at the opera (too dark to follow the pattern). Since that only took most of one skein and I had bought four I came home from the holiday festivities and started knitting the rest into something. These are the Spirogyra mitts from Knitty. I have also made a potato chip scarf and am looking for some kind of hat I can make with the last 850 yards.

In the spirit of the secular New Year I have done some thinking about what I would like to accomplish this year. Aside from redecorating Elder Son's room (he is now living in another city, same state but two and a half hours away) and then of course redecorating our bedroom into the new sewing room (because we'll be moving Heh!) and then redecorating the sewing room into a small (very small, 7' by8') TV and guest room, I would really like to get some of the backlog of quilting and knitting DONE! At last count I am seven quilts, one sweater and a few hats (Elder Son wants the fish hat at Knitty and Younger Son wants a viking hat) behind. Now I can work fast but some of these things are eight years late. Yecchhhh! Apparently Julie is in the same fix because she has made a button for anyone who want to make 2009 catch up year.
I also decided that I really, really need to catch up on all the books The Husband has put in my pile. To that end, I counted them and there are sixty in this box. That doesn't count the ones on the window sill shelf. In the lower left corner you can see some of the fireplace tiles. If we turn on the fireplace the box gets very warm. As this doesn't seem very safe, I need to finish enough to move this box. Trust me, there is no other space in the house for the box, I just have to finish the books (then are you going to get a box, Amy).

These are the books I will need to read in January. I figure if I read two books a week I might just have a chance to finish the box (and any library books I pick up) before next year. Wish me luck. (YS just added another book to my pile. Seems YSS got him a few books by Bill Bryson and I enjoy those, too so he's going to share them with me. Yay!)

Happy New Year to you and yours, may this year see all our plans work out (and if they don't may we get a wonderful surprise, like winning the lottery......)

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Blogger Amy Lane said...

Wheee!!! Bonnie posted!!!!

Okay... I'm just loving the pictures and the socks and the backstories... and I have to say, I'll take a box of your books anytime! (The dragonfly markers are *perfect*-- I love them!!!!)

And the clapotis story is classic knitting, isn't it? I can't count the number of 'projects' I've bought only to have them turn into something else!!!

Oh yes-- that fish hat is AWESOME!!! I want to knit one too!!!

10:26 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Pretty piggies!

Oh, I want to win the lottery. If I do, I am going to order two of everything from Williams-Sonoma (it used to be one of everything, but inflation...)

Happy New Year!

8:11 AM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

Yay! More posts by you! I've read all the posts since Apparently I'm Five, but am commenting on this one (obviously).

One, the dragonfly stitch markers are breathtaking and BEAUTIFUL and two, I suddenly feel less guilty about 1) all the books in my to read pile and 2) the fact that I am also behind in blogs. I mean, I was able to take a class with Franklin Habit, and I haven't blogged it yet (bad me).

Can't wait to see what else you've done as you "clean up" the UFO piles. Wish I could knit as fast as you! (Wish I could quilt, too but must first learn how not to treat my own fingers as portable pin cushions...)

5:53 PM  

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