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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

That movie

Yes, I know, I should be working on the quilt, but I have seen some comments about the 9-11 movie and I wanted to share my penny's worth.
I don't particularly feel that the actors, directors, etc. should be censored or reviled for making this movie. That's their job, to tell our stories. That being said, on 9-11 my Mom had just died, and we were waiting for the call that Daddy was gone too. No, they weren't in the towers (though we didn't know where The Husband's sister was and she did sometimes work at Windows on the World) but all I can clearly recall from that day is sitting at the computer waiting for the call about Daddy (he died a week later). When I saw the promo for the movie the first time I wanted to cry. It brought back all the feelings from that time and I would have appreciated some sort of warning. I have read some comments from people who were at Ground Zero or Shanksville and they all seem to feel that the trailers, ads, etc. should not be shown without some kind of warning. Add my (albeit small) voice to the chorus. Make the movie, tell the story, but give those of us who are not quite ready the chance to change the channel or leave the theater rather that relive that time in technicolor and surround sound.


Blogger swan/dragon said...

I apologize for doing this here, but yes, it is CygKnit's birthday, and Kelly and I are cooking something up... Do you want in? Please email me with a yea or nay at the contact shown on the Swan and Dragon blog, and remember that Cyn has access to that email, so please be discreet. I will be happy to send you my personal email from there. I know she will appreciate any display of celebration, so if you aren't interested in a group gift for her, that is just fine. Thanks for thinking of her; I love the kid.
Dragon of Swan and Dragon (Lisa)

11:54 AM  
Blogger Kari said...

hmm... I am not sure if i will go and see the movie, my mom has mentioned that she wants to see it. The movie is a reminder so people don't forget what happened. And I also think that if people don't want to see the movie, nobody is forcing them to. And i don't think the ads need to come with warnings, they don't have to watch them.
(Of course this is from somebody who was not there, perhaps i would feel different if i had been there.) Well anyways now i feel like i'm talking about stuff that is none of my business...they can do what they want and it's fine with me.

2:08 PM  
Blogger disa said...


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