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Monday, July 24, 2006


During my childhood, when it was a particularly hot summer, my dear mother would make drinkee-poos. This was when blenders were a new and exciting addition to the kitchen. The main ingredient in these drinkee-poos was ice cream. We used any liquor we could find in the liqour cabinet (OK, the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard) and lots of ice cream. Then we took the concoctions out to the veranda (OK, the front porch) and pretended we were at Tara. This year Elder Child turned 21. Tonight he got into the liquor cabinet (OK sideboard, but it locks!) and started sampling my chocolate liquors. This led to the story of his Gramma's summers and........ merriment ensued.

We used lots of Bryer's vanilla ice cream, Chocolate Chip Cooked liquor, a small amount of milk and just a soupcon of Kirsch. Mmmmmm. Chocolate Cherry Drinkee-Poo in memory of Gramma. Saaaalute!

On the knitting front, I sent a few hats to the WIC programs in California and Massachusetts as our Harlot asked. I took them to Services on Friday to show to a Temple member who works for the local WIC program. One of our Temple members asked if I was selling them. After services. On Shabbas. OY! (For non-Jewish readers, doing any business, especially handling money, on Shabbas is bad form).

I knit four of them from cotton (mostly Takai, the pineapple was knit from KnitPicks cotton yarn), and four of them from wool (KnitPicks merino, left over from the Map of the World Sweater). The apples, tomatos, eggplant, and pumpkin(don't you love the chenille for the stem and leaf?) were pretty easy. Each one took less than an evening to knit. The pineapple and berry tart however were really hard on my right hand(I have been having trouble with it since The Husband had gall bladder surgery a year ago and I did a lot of hand sewing while waiting and visiting). There are many K3tog in both of these patterns. They weren't that difficult it just takes some manuvering. To rest the right hand I finished Elder Child's pirate socks:

Pretend there is a picure here of his feet in red socks with a white skull and crossbones. I have no idea why it won't load. It said it loaded. *sigh*

To further rest the right hand I have started socks for The Husband on bamboo needles. If I knit on steel for 2-3 hours my hands hurt so much the next morning I can hardly lift my cranberry juice, but knitting on bamboo (Clover, size 0) for 5 hours or more doesn't bother me at all. Good thing The Husband has decided that he really likes hand-knit socks. I must get working on The Baby's college quilt. I have cut 240 rectangles of different fabrics (some as old as he is) and 480 squares of various white on white prints. If I don't post for a week, and I promise to have a picture of the finished top (not the quilt, just the top) will you hold me to it?


Blogger Kari said...

The drinkee-poos sound pretty good. I'm not a big drinker but I love ice cream. The hats all turned out very nice. I especially like the tomato hats. I made two hats for that program. It was a nice, easy, quick project.
And the quilt sounds cool.

2:00 PM  
Blogger CygKnit said...

My sweetie loves with all his heart the kind of drinks you so lovingly refer to as drinky-poos. (He loves them in secret, as they don't seem manly!)

I'll have to ask him about some creative names!

7:18 AM  

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