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Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Review Ahead

Last week was PSSA week (the annual testing of the students) and the subs who help the support students spent a lot of time sitting in the secretary's office checking the tests and yakking. As a result we exchanged a bunch of books and here are two I read:
The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
Not the sort of book I usually choose to read, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. A young white girl in the American south (who had a traumatic baby-hood) runs away from home in 1967 and wind up living with a family of black bee keepers. I won't give you any more of the plot, but it was definitely a good read.
Twilight by Stephani Meyer
Many of you have already read this and seemed to enjoy it. Just one question. Why? I made it to page 275 out of 500 and just couldn't go on. The girl's character never developed. She's all "Why would I be special? I'm so clumsy and he's a god!!!!" and the vampire? Yecchh! All brooding beauty but no show of brains or developed character. One of the subs only made it to page 20 and gave up because it's a vampire story. I happen to lurve me some bloodsuckers so I hung in there. If you want vampires, try Vulnerable, or P.N. Elrod, Sookie Stackhouse and friends. Now those vampires have character. Whee!
On the health front, it appears I never did have asthma. I survived the heart tests and Dr. says there's no problem there. Now we're working on the theory that I am super allergic (There's something to measure in one's blood. The normal count is around 45 and mine ran 472. Hmmm) and have anxiety attacks tied to hormonal flux. What fun as I just turned 54 and you know what that means......

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