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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Importance of Stash

Tuesday was The Husband's birthday. Many years ago I made him some boxer shorts from Animaniacs fabric. For those who are too young to remember the Animaniacs they were a cartoon family (one sister, Dot "I'm cute!", and two brothers: Yakko, the smart one, and Wakko, .... enough said). The cartoons are now available on DVD (what isn't?) and if you want a laugh from broad slapstick (yes, there are anvils) to witty wordplay this is the cartoon for you.

Back to the shorts. Over the years The Husband has worn these shorts weekly. They are sort of pale blue now and I'm not sure you can make out the characters. While working on The Baby's college quilt I came across three (!) yards of the Animaniacs fabric and some Pinky and The Brain (another subversive cartoon) fabric in the quilting stash. So darling Husband got two brand new pairs of boxers and two pairs of hand knit socks. Guess which made him the happiest?

Here are the socks. Knit with Jaeger yarn on size 1 bamboo needles. He says "It feels like they are massaging my feet all day." I don't think I'll ask about the shorts.

In the very background you can see the new chair. History: Over twenty years ago we were at a house sale and there was an antique living room suite for sale at a very nice price (besides we were living in a house from the 1860s). Now, The Husband and I like old furniture, houses, car styles, etc. so we bought the furniture. After two cats, two kids and twenty years of life the antiques are shot. Don't believe me? Look.

See the edging coming off the top? See the water (I hope!) stains on the seat? What you can't see is that for the last couple of years whoever sits in this chair has to lower him/her self gently and hope that he/she doesn't fall completely through. In fact last week, Elder Son sat down and the front leg fell off! It is replaceable, but not by anyone's skill level in this house. So! We went on line and Target had this:

Here is the new chair. Isn't it lovely? The first time I sat on it, it didn't sink! Also, the house we live in now is very Arts and Crafts and it fits right in! Now if I could just figure out what to do with the antiques we could get a new couch, too! If you look back at the picture of The Husband's new socks, he isn't holding his feet in the air, they are resting on the arm of the couch while he naps. The Husband is five feet, eight inches tall. Can you picture the rest of us trying to nap on the couch?! Target has a couch matching the new chair that is, get this, 77" long! Even Elder Child would be comfortable on that!

If anyone has any ideas what we could do with the antiques (couch and side chair are in pretty good shape, but the two arm chairs are just sad) leave a comment. I would love to redecorate the Living Room!


Blogger Kari said...

I used to watch Animaniacs. (Unless the show I am thinking of is Loony Toones/tunes..not sure how to spell that).
The socks turned out really nice! And I like the new chair.

11:20 AM  
Blogger ReesieAnn said...

Awesome new chair!!! Although I love your antiquies they aren't alwasy the most comfy - where did they come from anyway? I just always remember you having them!

7:58 AM  
Blogger Kristy said...

Thanks for your response to the knitting for Laurie's grandmother. I am going to get all the details up today (...or maybe tomorrow) so please stop by.

I'm so excited about this. It is going to be great

1:10 PM  

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