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Monday, October 05, 2009

Summer Vacation, Part Two

So I think you all got that I didn't get any re-decorating done. I didn't even get the woodwork scraped and ready to refinish, but I did get about half of the wallpaper border taken down in Elder Son's room. Yay me!

Before I get to the summer knitting report, I promised a picture of the tallis I made (yipes!) last October. Here is the Bar Mitzvah boy holding it up so you can see most of the stars. There are four large stars representing his parents and his maternal grandparents (the Jewish side), eighteen medium stars for life and thirty-six small stars for double life (c'hai in Hebrew, I could explain how each Hebrew letter has a numerical equivlent and why, but that would take a whole 'nother posting). The band across the top has the prayer he says just before he puts on the tallis. Hand embroidered

These are my roulette socks. As you can see I got a few extra things. The knit towel just matches my bathroom (that I redid eight years ago). The tiny sock blocker is hanging on my purse and the second sock has been knit. Sadly, I finished it in June and it was too warm to wear wool socks. With October here, it won't be long before I need them.

OK, on to the summer knitting list:
I finished one or two things, but not everything. Not by a long shot! I did, however, dye yarn!!! Whee!!! Early in the summer, youngest niece and I took a dying class in Nazareth PA (Kraemer Yarns). We had lots of fun and both came home with two skeins of colorful yarn. One of mine went to Amy Lane with greens (for Green), grey (for Bracken), and sunshine yellow (for Corey). She has promised to post a picture, so I won't bore you (hint, hint). These are yarns I died in the back yard at the end of summer. Youngest Niece sent me a kit and yarn blank for my birthday last year and I finally got around to using it. After I had dyed all the blanks I had, I had some dye left over and went hunting through the house for some KnitPicks' bare yarn. That's the rainbow colored stuff on the end. I think that is my favorite. It is in light worsted weight so maybe a scarf?

This is the Warm Shawl by Veronik Avery. I must have picked up that book six or seven times before I finally made the commitment. It is knit from KnitPicks Elegance (have you picked up that I use a lot of KnitPick's yarn? Good price, reasonable quality, and they have that "spend $50 and we'll ship for free" thing going). Any way, back to the shawl. I have worn it to services a few times and been so warm I needed to hang it over the pew in front of me. Youngest Great Nephew took a short (very short, he's pretty active) nap on it. So, nice and warm. Hella impressive and really soft. I can see this getting a lot of wear over the winter. Warning: There is an error in the lace edging chart check Ravelry for erratta before you knit this.

This is Elder-Great-Nephew's Steggie. Knit with Vanna White's acrylic. Shhh! I know it's not really harder to take care of wool (then again something that can be thrown in the washer seems to get washed earlier than something that has to be washed by hand, but I digress....), but I want him to wear it to death before he grows out of the dinosaur phase. Everyone at school loved it, to the tune of "can you make one for me?" Ha. It was fun to knit with no errors in the pattern. I think I switched needle sized between the body and the hood but that will just keep his ears warmer. Right?

Well, there you go. That was most of the summer yarn goodness. Next time (well, maybe) the crafty, social, other summer projects. Happy Veteran's Day.

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Blogger Julie said...

That's a huge spectrum of projects there, from a prayer shawl to socks to a dinosaur hoodie. Very impressive. I'd love to know more about the prayer shawl - is it woven and embroidered? Did you weave it yourself? What's the traditional word on the dye? (You know me well enough to know this is the stuff I always ask.)

Not only is it a huge spectrum from serious to useful to adorable, but it's all beautiful. Bravo!

9:11 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

WOW. EVERYTHING you do is just SO detailed--and your variety of color and actual projects... that is a WHOLE LOT to be proud of! (Hint taken--I was just looking at my lovely yarn the other day and thinking I owed you a pic! We'll have the camera out for Zoom Boy's B-day... I'll take a nice one then!) The Steggie is inspiring... as in I'm inspired to make one for Zoom Boy now!

Today's spamword: kings seriously--a real word. Wow!

12:36 PM  
Blogger NeedleTart said...

The prayer shawl is made from commercial linen (the Bar Mitzvah boy chose it) The word on the dye is: since the fringes in the corners are the only thing that has to adhere to law they are the only thing we worry about the dye for. The word for the 20th (and now 21st) century is that we cannot use dye. Someday I will learn to spin and can spin the wool for my own fringes. Once I get caught up on the quilting, knitting, and redecorating that is.

3:33 PM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

Wow--love array of projects! You completed far more than I did this summer!

And still sort of chuckling at blogger rearranging as it saw fit...

7:14 AM  

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