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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Random Sunday

Someday I will have pictures of what's up with the knitting. I finished my Roulette sock and am currently waiting for some sizing info on the second Roulette sock (for Sue in Oz). I have wonderful yarn for her, all shades of purple with actual silver spun in. Whee!! Can't wait to start knitting.
Also finished the Warm Shawl by Veronik Avery. It's wonderful. Soft as a kitten and should go with a lot of my wardrobe. It's been cool enough around here to wear it.
I started an Aran cardigan for a friend's husband. She asked me to knit it a while ago and provided the yarn. It's Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Sapphire Heather. Not only is the yarn fun to knit with (all the marvelous shades of blue) but I am designing it as I go. Living on the edge......
Big News!! Younger Son proposed to his Sweetie and she accepted. I've always wanted a daughter. Hee. They came by last week and we took them out to celebrate. The wedding won't be for a few years as they both want to get advanced degrees before the wedding. Gives me more time to lose some weight. Speaking of...
My summer goal was to lose twenty pounds. I was doing really well. Had lost 12 pounds. One day The Husband comes downstairs and says, "I think we need a new scale. It shows that I've lost 15 pounds and I know that's not right."
Bought new scales. Weighed self. I had gained eight pounds. Argghhh!

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Blogger Amy Lane said... that's just CRUEL with the scale-- but WHHEEEEEEEE on the proposal and the new daughter... (and all that time for you to make their canopy... don't tell me you haven't thought of it!)

11:34 PM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

Congrats on son and sweetie--and it gives you LOADS of time to knit and stitch and make beautiful things for their wedding!

...and are you sure the new scale is calibrated properly??? I wouldn't believe it, myself!

7:14 PM  

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