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Friday, April 17, 2009


No, no. Nothing about the health (thanks for that momentary panic, though). Yesterday was the last day of Passover. It was an ....interesting holiday this year. Both of the boys and their sweeties made it to first Seder. Good people, but one of the worst meals I've cooked in a looong time. I tried to keep the asparagus warm. Did you know it will turn to green slime if you keep it in a 200 degree oven while you read through the Haggadah? And the potato kugel, well, it wasn't really crisp and brown, more just slightly charred. At least dessert was good, Chocolate ice cream roll with raspberry sauce. The granola came out well this year, too. I made bunches of the American style (since that's what the boys like, it has maple syrup, dried blueberries and dried cranberries. This year I added some dried pears since I had a lot left from the tree). Best thing I did this year was to type up the Gordon Family Haggadah*. For years we have switched around among three or four Haggadot** and it really bugged me. So Tuesday I sat down with a list and seven Haggadot and wrote down the parts we actually do in out family (no hand washing, it is assumed you did that before you sat down to eat). The second night of Passover we went to a community Seder and at the end, The Husband turned to me and said, "After hearing what he (the head of the ritual committee)did, your Haggadah isn't so bad." Seriously, he thinks it was a compliment.
On the knitting front I finished the Noro two row scarf Amy sent the yarn for, bought some Lion Brand Acrylic to knit a Steggie sweater for one of the great nephews and have been plugging along on some socks for The Husband and a pair from Cookie A's new sock book. Have you seen it? Don't just sit there, go find it. It starts with how to design socks and then give a bunch of must-knit patterns. We all knew she had it in her, I'm just glad she got it down on paper.
Next week will officially be the week from hell. We are hosting the Rabbi this weekend (driving about and making sure she is fed at appropriate times, also means we have to attend almost every event at the Temple), Sunday school (teaching 7-year-olds about the Holocaust, Yay). Subbing Monday through Friday, Monday night is Holocaust Remembrance Day, Wednesday is a board meeting, Thursday is training for Proctoring an advanced degree board test, Saturday we have to get up at 4 am (4 AM!!!!) to be at the exam and Sunday I'm back at Sunday School. In other words, I will be either working or sleeping next week. At least I should loose a few pounds as there doesn't seem to be any time for cooking.
See you in May. If I survive.

*Haggadah - The book that tells the story of Passover. It can run from 10 pages to 200 depending on the amount of Hebrew and details. The Gordon one runs 17 pages, with no illustrations (at least this year).
**Haggadot - Plural of the above.

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Blogger Amy Lane said...

WOW. That is a LOOOOONNNNG week--and your dinner still sounds better than mine. But still, a good passover! I'm glad you enjoyed making the scarf--it's the one time in my life when k1p1 forever didn't bother me too much... I'm so easily amused... (Oh look, another color combo...cooooooolllll....)

All in all, a good post--if you survive next week, I look forward to hearing how you did it--it's gonna suck! (But in a good, healthy, being an active member of a community you care about sort of way.)

Take care!

11:42 PM  
Blogger SunshineDreams said...

Wow. Suddenly my overwhelming To-Do List seems very underwhelming.

See ya on the other side of next week!

(And glad you are feeling better!!)

1:21 PM  

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