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Friday, October 13, 2006

Looking around

Just a quick post to share. If you are into pod-casts try Lime n Violet. They are way funny and even talk about yarn now and then.
Having a bad day? Need three good reasons to keep going? Try the web site Three Beautiful Things. Things are pretty good chez moi right now, but there have been days that checking out his site might have made the day better (then again, it might have wanted to make me hurl, when I'm down, I like to enjoy being bitterly miserable).
What would be my three things today?
1. The hillsides around my area of the world:

2. Finishing Grandma Purl's blocks.

Details: Pink came from the Great American Aran Afghan (Knitter's). Blue is one of the state washcloth patterns.
Yarn in Knitpicks superwash marino in Bubblegum (pink) and Capri (I think, I already packed them up). Loved this yarn! Soft and pettable. It is a little lighter than regular worsted. One skein made two of each block.

3. The smell of the pear liquor! Sunday is stirring day until October 29th. That is the day I can drain the pears and add the sugar syrup, then wait another six weeks (*sigh*) to taste!

3 1/2. I think I finally have this link thing down, now if I could just add buttons.


Blogger Lucia said...

Just reading your blog is making me hungry. I'll be back too (after I eat).

2:42 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

Very nice picture of the trees.

Also I've seen those state washclothes and they look really neat. I had found a website that had all the states with the patterns and had forgotten where i had found that website since i had forgotten to bookmark it. Anyways, i clicked on the link you put in about the state washclothes, and there the site is! :-) (And how neat is flag made out of the state washclothes! I want to make one of those!)

9:11 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

What lovely scenery you have! My trees (MI) are nearly naked : (

On the pear liquor - I had some years ago in Chicago and it was so sweet you could drink it straight - the after effects leaves something to the imagination. Anyway, can't find it anywhere - are you willing to share directions for your potion?

3:50 PM  

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