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Monday, January 09, 2012

A Year of Personal Indulgence

Most of those who are still reading know that last year wasn't so great. We now have a brand new year and a chance to live happier (and I'm not just talking about the drugs!). Yesterday a friend gave me a calendar by Mary Englebreit called "A Year of Personal Indulgence". I also saw a post on Facebook about being as nice to yourself as you are to others. Let's get the year started! I will post something nice to do for ourselves every day. Some free, some inexpensive, probably a lot about food!
January 1: Hug your sweetie! If you don't have a sweetie, hug yourself!
January 2: Eat one piece of really good chocolate!
January 3: Drink a delicious warm drink. I had some Earl Grey Tea with sugar and cream!
January 4: Take a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air on your skin!
January 5: Get some fresh flowers and put them where you can see them. I found some white tulips at the grocery store.
January 6: Eat one really good doughnut!
January 7: Put clean sheets on your bed. And maybe put some lavender sachets in the linen closet.
January 8: Hold a small child on your lap. I found one at Sunday School.
January 9: Pet something soft. I got some cashmere yarn for the holidays and used that . Go to a yarn shop if you have to, but don't blame me if you go over budget!
See you tomorrow.



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