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Monday, March 01, 2010


Well, I finished the toe-up socks. They were sort of interesting. Hard parts - figuring out just how long to knit the foot (took me three tries and it's still a little long), knitting the heel, and wrapping the DNA sequence on the sides (we hates wrapping, we do).

You can see by the date stamp that I actually finished them on Saturday. I immediately posted on FaceBook and got some positive reinforcement. In the future: I would probably make a bull's-eye heel or a short row heel because I don't like that little poit on the heel. Also not so crazy about the color, but that's why I choose this yarn (KnitPicks Stroll, Oak color). I usually knit socks on size 0 DPNs, but as this was toe-up and I have thickish ankles I used size 2 magic loop to knit two socks at once (which also let me keep track of any changes as both socks were right there). Using the size 2 needles made these really loose, so last night I washed them in the washer and dried them for about 40 minutes in the dryer. Um, yarn not so good. It pilled and with all the wraps (three in each lozenge of the DNA) the design is sort of blurry. Oh well, I tried something new and learned a few things and got the gold. Yay me! Now where do I pick up my medal?
In the Yarn Harlot's calendar she suggests making a Sock of the Month club for oneself out of all that sock yarn we've collected.
If you are counting you will see 13 bags of yarny goodness. Why not start with a baker's dozen (especially as I bake sooo much). I also decided that with all the holiday and birthday knitting and crafting plus the Olympics that I would start my sock club in my birthday month. After finishing the Olympic socks, I said that it would be a good long while before I knit another pair of toe-up socks. Elder Son was home for the weekend and I asked him to choose a sock kit so it would be a surprise. Surprise! He picked "Back to Basics". A toe-up sock. Well, let's see if I can apply anything I learned.

Just for fun, this is the doll I made for Great Niece. If you look really closely, you will see a doll quilt, a little teddy bear, and lots and lots of clothing. It's an old McCall's pattern and kind of a blast to make. It is really expensive. The fuzzy white in the foreground is feather boa sewn around a velvet coat, and the dresses are mostly satin, but just look at all that lace! I have received a note from her mother and she is already very attached to it (or should I say "her"). Sadly the sweater I knit her brother is too small. I knit the largest Steggie and the kid is 7. I should have realized that "big" runs in the family. After all I am six feet tall and so is his Mom. There's always next year and at least he liked his book (a dinosaur puzzle book).
In cooking news I spent a lot of the last week preparing for Purim. If you are a long time reader, you will remember that this is the holiday where we are supposed to get drunk. Whee! For the last three years we have had an Adult Game Night. No, not those kind of games, shame on you. We call it "Adult" because there is liquor present and we don't want to have to watch the kiddos. I baked 200 Hamentaschen and about 75 knishes in triangle form (Hamen, the villain, is said to have had a three-cornered hat, or pockets, or pointed ears, your choice). Yummy food, fun games, getting a little squiffed, and we made a profit this year. It's all good.

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Blogger Amy Lane said...

WOW! Good for you, knitting for the Olympics! I finished the Valentine sweater and called it a wash-- and the doll? SO COOL! Okay--your productivity just has me boggled--especially the 'sock of the month club'--I don't think that, if socks were all I was doing, I'd STILL be able to finish them!

So nice to hear from you-- ALWAYS--and you're making me want to keep Facebook WAY more updated than I do!

12:22 PM  

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