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Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Don't I Post More Often?

Why don't I? Mostly because the pictures are all loaded on The Husband's computer and he has it all crapped up with downloads so any program is three times as slow on his. If I load the pictures to my computer I can't print them out. Little advice here? Can I use my flicker account to print out stuff? If so, I can load the pictures on this computer and print from the other one. Hmmmm...Possible.
I have finally finished all the doll clothes for the Victorian Doll I made for Great Niece. I went a little overboard and also make her a doll quilt and miniature teddy bear, but, hey, I love that little stuff.
I'm all ready for the Olympics. I am knitting toe up socks. Biological Clock socks from the Eclectic Sole book. I have never done a toe up and according to the notes on Ravelry there are a few errors in the pattern. Therefore, not only am I doing toe up, I am going to knit two at once on a magic loop needle. Wow! from top down on 5 needles to toe up on one. You may need to send chocolate.

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Anonymous YSS said...

Good luck on the socks and congratulations on finishing everything to go with the gorgeous doll!

As for your query related to the printer/computer, do you still have the printer software? If so, you can install it on your laptop and map the printer on your computer. Then you can just hook up the printer to your laptop whenever you want to print something.

My parents have the same type of printer as I do, so I have both their printer and my printer mapped on my laptop--very convenient when I'm travelling back and forth and really don't want to lug around a printer or constantly email myself documents...

Anyway, I hope that helps! Or, if you want, I can try to do it over break around YS's birthday.

9:54 PM  

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