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Tuesday, August 09, 2011


OK, for those who read:
I am a nutbag. Well, not really. A number of years ago (think big hair, oversized tees and leggings) I had a bad reaction to medicine. Yup the whole psychotropic bag. Depression, feelings of worthlessness and suicidal tendencies. I went to a therapist (briefly, I hope it's better developed now) and stopped taking any meds but a multi-vitamin. Tah-dah, cured. In the last few months I have been given incorrect meds (by the pharmacy) and of course, I am 56. Figure it out. Now that we all (the family) have an idea of what's really going on we are working to solve it. I owe YSS an apology and am posting it where ever I can.
There has been some mis-communication and a few letters on both sides that were better unsent but by and large I am responsible for at least half of the troubles. Keep me in your thoughts. I am seeing the medical professionals on Thursday and hope for a rapid resolution.



Blogger Julie said...

Oh, hugs. Hugs for you, hugs for all coping with it. I am glad you figured it out, have a concrete reason, and a hope for resolution.

And it sounds like you're being very honest and standing up to take responsibility for your half, so I hope all of it resolves, fast.

More hugs!

FYI, Keith Richards is the patron saint of drugs, you know, if you need someone to pray to. Or, uh, you know, not. Heehee.

6:40 PM  

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