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Monday, November 06, 2006

Working, Working

I've actually accomplished quite a bit the last week, I'm just too lazy to take some pictures, download some pictures, and post some pictures. Rest assured that I will take the pictures and get them to the computer soon.

I finished my Socks for Soldiers. They are long, black, and waiting to be washed before mailing. Friday I was a 6th grade teacher and lo and behold, it was the Social Studies class. We were even reading Weekly Reader's article about the war. Naturally I had my knitting with me, and I passed the finished sock around the class (hence the need to wash) to show that we can all be as involved as we want to be. It made a great connection for the kids. Today I was a speech teacher and one of the kids asked my if I had finished the sock. Grammer? No! Mrs. Gordon's knitting? Yes! Some of the kids even ask me to wear the Map of the World sweater (from the Olympics) just to prove that I finished!
Having finished SFS, I need something on the needles to take to school (there's not a lot of down time some days, but I neeeeed the knitting). So far I have cast on a shawl for a friend (Hanukkah), socks for DH (Hanukkah, again), a sweater for someone (technically Christmas, but he says "Winter Solstice"). So naturally, I am making a quilt for my front hall with a Thanksgiving theme. I also need to start/finish mitts (Christmas, to be mailed), finish writing a pattern for some socks (shhhh! I sold the pattern and it's due the 19th of November), do some sewing repair work for another teacher, bake cookies for The Baby.......Hmmmm, sounds like I'd better be off and doing needlework stuff (as if that's a burden).


Blogger Liz K. said...

Wow, are you going to be busy!

11:22 AM  
Blogger Amy Lane said...

But happy...this is all 'happy busy' stuff! Enjoy! (and the blogging gods must think mighty highly of your, I had to type in 9 letters to comment!)

12:08 PM  
Blogger confiance said...

Wanna trade? You can write papers, I'll knit and learn how to quilt. Sounds more than fair to me.

No, Emma doesn't knit, but that's ok. I think I figured out a paper topic, so I'm good.

And I would LOVE to come and go through your patterns, but I don't know when I have a free-enough weekend. Would have to be after Thanksgiving and stuff. I'll get you know after the holiday!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Kari said...

Yay!! (On finishing the BBS.) :-)
That is so neat that you are showing what you are knitting to the students. And wow do you have a lot of projects going on. And i thought i had a lot, lol.

9:08 PM  
Blogger The Purloined Letter said...

How wonderful that the class got to see your socks!

1:54 PM  

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